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Lagos Polytechnic Beefs Up Security Over Fears Of Attack By Cult Gang

February 23, 2018

There is a palpable tension in the campus of Lagos State Polytechnic, LASPOTECH, Ikorodu over speculations that a cult gang may be planning a revenge attack against the institution.

As a result, it was gathered that the management of the Polytechnic had in the past few days introduced measures to strengthen security in the institution.

The apprehension, it was gathered, was a fallout of the successful foiling of a plot by a cult gang to launch an attack which would have claimed the lives of some students of LASPOTECH by the management of the institution some days ago.

Some students who spoke with our correspondent said the leader of the cult gang was killed in the foiled attack, while two members of his gang were arrested.


It was also gathered that attempt by other members of the fraternity to attack the school was also foiled by the police.  

However, it was gathered that students of LASPOTECH have been moving around with fear in the past few days over rumor that the same the cult group is preparing to launch a ‘heavy revenge attack’ against the school.

Olanrewaju Kuye, LASPOTECH’s spokesperson told our correspondent that the management of the school is aware of the apprehension among students and has been taking measures to beef up security around the institution.

According to him, the school has asked the local police division in Ikorodu to send some of its officers to LASPOTECH for the protection of students.

He also disclosed that some personnel of the Department of State Services are currently in the school to further beef up security.

“We have informed the state government and security personnel are already stationed within and outside the school, so that there won't be a repeat of the incidence that occurred some days back,” Kuye said.

He added that the school conduct security and background checks on new students to know if they are member of any cult gang.

The spokesperson added that activities of students are also being closely monitored by the security department of the institution. He warned that students of the institution who join any cult gang will be expelled.

“Lagos is a big place and there is tendency of such immoral groups to be present. We have heard a lot of news and we have intensified our mode of admitting students to the school. Through that, we reduce the presence of cultism in the school. We have told our students, once any student is alleged of being a cult member, such student has gone.”

Mr. Kuye added that some students recently arrested for belonging to cult gangs would be prosecuted in line with the law of the country.

He added that any student caught engaging in cult activities in or outside the campus of the institution will face similar treatment.  

A student of the school told our correspondent that all Head of Departments had also been ordered by management to sensitize students on ‘cult actions’ and how not to fall a victim.

A student of department of Urban and Regional Planning of confirmed that the departmental head, Mr. Fesudo, updated students on some of the new security measures being adopted by the institution to foil attacks by cult gangs.  

Such security measures include asking students to move in groups, not wearing black dresses or indicting wrist bands and being observant of events in the general environment of the school.