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Nigeria's AIB Releases Preliminary Report on Lagos Delta Airline Air Return Incident

Nigeria aviation authorities are investigating the engine, fuel manifolds, engine oil and hydraulic lines in the probe of February 13, 2018 Delta Air Lines Airbus A330-223 aircraft which departed Lagos, for Atlanta, United States of America with 234 persons onboard, but made an air return few minutes after take-off following a fire warning on one of the engines.

The aircraft returned to Lagos and landed on the runway of the Murtala Muhammed Airport (MMA). In a preliminary report

In a preliminary report released on Tuesday, Nigeria’s Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB said further investigation of the incident may “include engine examination, material testing for the fuel manifolds, engine oil and hydraulic lines, inspection of fuel manifolds for crack and inspection of fuel nozzle braze joints for leaks.”


AIB in its report also said that it’s also inspecting the fuel manifolds of Delta Air Lines for crack while also looking at the fuel nozzle braze joints for possible leaks.

 The Bureau said that these were important as there were evidence of fire within the engine cowling of the aircraft as at the time of the incident, which had 221 passengers and 13 crew members onboard.

AIB said in the preliminary report said that there was a commotion onboard the aircraft before the evacuation of the passengers.

According to the Bureau, Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS) reported observing fire on one of engines of the Delta Air craft and extinguished it while passengers were evacuated using the emergency slides on the right side of the aircraft.

It also noted that one passenger sustained serious injury while 11 suffered minor injuries in the preliminary report.