A Kwara State-based civil society group, Kwara Rebirth Ambassadors (KRA), has called for a forensic audit of the state government-owned Harmony Holdings Limited, where monumental fraud was recently discovered by the state legislature. The demand was made in a statement signed on behalf of the group by Mr. Abdulrasheed Akogun, its coordinator.

Alluding to the probe of the company by the legislature, the group it is commendable that an investigation was carried out in relation to the books of Harmony Holdings Limited, which manages the juicy properties of Kwara State.

However, the group stated that the resolutions of the House, which came after a six-month investigation, into the management of Harmony Holdings, are nothing but a poorly executed protection job.

Harmony Holdings Limited

"While we won't hold brief for any of the indicted persons or companies, we enjoin the House of Assembly to be serious for once and stop the comedy-like lawmaking it has been doing since the inception of the 8th Assembly.

"With information at our disposal, the Ali Ahmad-led House of Assembly lacks the moral right to investigate a crime majority of its members were active partakers," said KRA.

It recalled that the legislative quarters was monetised for members of the 7th Assembly under the paltry sum of N3 million naira, while land in that estate cost nothing less than N15 million.

Mr. Ahmad, Speaker of the House, the group said, also benefited from the corruption-infested monetisation policy of the government. He was said to have bought the land he built his home on for N3 million when the prevailing price in the area cost nothing less than N35 million.

"On the issues of Bubbles, the House failed to look into the lease agreement of other equally government-owned assets.
The ADP leased to the former Special Assistant to the Governor of Kwara State, Mr. Toyin Olokooba, the Kwara Special Guest House.  No. 5 Catchment Road was leased to one Kayode Hassan and Kwara KIPDC leased to a former Commissioner of Justice in the State among others," said the group. .

It stated that that members of the legislature and the Executive have all  benefited from the pilfering of resources.

In addition to the demand for forensic audit, the group demanded the complete profiling of all lands and properties sold by Kwara State since 2003 till date, the publication, by the House, of the full report of its investigative committee and the cessation of sale of government-owned lands and properties until full investigation is concluded.

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