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Lagos Lawmaker Runs Away From Question About Insertion Of Alpha Beta In Land Charge Law

Lagos House of Assembly majority leader, Sanai Agunbiade on Monday refused to answer question revolving around the insertion of a tax consultancy firm, Alpha Beta into the review of the law guiding the state’s Land Use Charge, LUC.

Alpha Beta, a private company suspected to be owned by the former governor of the state, Bola Tinubu was inserted into the law and charged with the responsibility of providing reports on the collection of the land use charge for submission to the Accountant General of the state.

The particular section of the  law states, “Alpha Beta or any other designated person(s) or corporate body, which has the responsibility of monitoring the revenues of the state through the collecting banks shall provide a report to the Accountant-General of the state.”

The insertion of the name of a private company into the law has continued to generate controversy fueling claims that the governor, Akinwunmi Ambode is enriching Tinubu, who was instrumental in bringing him to the office. 

This is despite claims by the lawmaker that the insertion was done in error.

 Indeed, many believed that the claim of error by the House of Assembly was an afterthought cooked up in response to outrage over the discovery of the insertion of the tax consultancy firm in the LUC law.   

The state lawmakers had similarly inserted VisionScape Limited, a new company saddled with the task of cleaning up Lagos in the reviewed environmental law of the state, thus, strategically empowering the company to be the sole company in charge of collection of refuse in the state.

But when asked by a reporter why Alpha Beta was specifically mentioned in the review of LUC, Honorable Sanai Agunbiade refused to answer by turning away from the reporter despite previous claim that the insertion of ‘Alpha Beta’ in the law was a mistake.