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British PM Says U.K Is Looking To Markets Outside Russia For Gas

British Prime Minister, Theresa May says the country’s gas market will not be looking for supply from Russian owned company,  Gazprom.

She said this in parliament yesterday while replying to questions from Conservative party lawmaker, Stephen Crab.

“Can I reassure [you] that when we are looking at our gas supplies, we are looking to other countries,” she stated.


Crab suggested that if the U.K needs more Liquified Natural Gas, it could go to Qatar, Malaysia, and Australia.

The Nigerian Trans-Saharan Gas Project would have helped Nigeria cash-in on the vacuum left by the diplomatic row between U.K and Britain over the attack of former spy- Sergei Skripal.

The project has, however, not passed the first stage after 17 years of the inauguration. 

It would have ended gas flaring in Nigeria by 2020 and connected the country to Europe via Spain.