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Former Pupil Narrated How She Was Defiled By Supervisor Of Chrisland School

A former pupil (name withheld) of Chrisland School has narrated in court how one Mr. Adegboyega Adenekan, a supervisor in her former school defiled her. 

The child, now four years old, told Justice Sybil Nwaka, the presiding Judge of Lagos Special Court on sexual offences,  that Mr. Adenekan would take her out of her class into his office where he puts his genital in hers.

“Child X: “He put his mouth in my wee-wee, the first time he did that, he took me out of the class. The second time, I ran. I tried to report to my teacher but my teacher did not believe me, so I reported to my mummy.


“First time he did it was inside his office which was the toilet, the second time he did it was in the hall which was outside.

“I did not like what he did, he put his hand in my wee-wee, he put his wee-wee in my wee-wee and he put his mouth in my wee-wee.”

She said she reported to her teacher, but no one believed her until she reported to her mother.

Adding that: “He put his hand under my uniform, he put his hand in my wee-wee, pull my uniform down and it was really, really paining me.

“When it was really, really paining me, I screamed and he covered my mouth like this (demonstrated with hand over her mouth).

“I couldn’t do anything because he covered my mouth. When I was trying to remove it (his hand) he tightened my mouth.”

The little girl was only two years and some months when the incident happened. She was led in examination by Jide Boye, the Chief State Counsel.

After the examination in chief, she was cross-examined by the defence counsel, Olatunde Adejuyigbe (SAN).

Although she could not recognize the supervisor when he was pointed to her, she however, identified him through a picture.