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Open Letter: Setting The Records Straight By Reuben Bojor

April 12, 2018

It is with great joy that, we are privileged to write to you. As one of the founding leaders of this generation, we hope this will not in any way generate political ripples, taking it as a welcome development, as you receive it in a good fair.

Dear Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,

It is with great joy that, we are privileged to write to you. As one of the founding leaders of this generation, we hope this will not in any way generate political ripples, taking it as a welcome development, as you receive it in a good fair.

It is of note and to be taken seriously that, Nigeria lacks good leaders except for few who have long passed on.

However, as time and change tees into our National political sojourn, a few are sprouting.  These whom you are one, have come a long way to attaining this height.

Like it is written in the holy books when God began creating the earthlings, may I begin to throw light on how it all began, with the first few phrases. ‘In the beginning,’ that was 1999, after the military was finally sent back to their duty post, the civilian era began and in the field of play, God of politics created notable players and as times goes on, almost all that which was created, died politically but one player still stands out. And this is no other person than you, Chief Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

At the time, the many political gladiators who came out smelling like rose, have, like methylated spirit, vapourised into oblivion, leaving only the stench like that from a soak away pit, which still torments the political climate. But Chief Asiwaju Tinubu, ‘the Lion of Bourdalion’ as you are fondly called, remains clean, green and sprouting like morning glory and harmattan shrubs.

With the advent of the 4th Republic, the western states were led by a different party from that which was in charge of the government at the center. The Alliance for Democracy, AD, was a creation which you immensely contributed, and took hold of the region in the first tenure.  And as time goes on, with your astuteness, even after the ruling party brought their Trojan gift, and you were not fooled, subsequent platforms such as AC, ACN and today’s APC bred true. 

Today like there say, the rest is history, with your contribution which finally booted out ‘peoples scavengers’ from the center and your party, APC has mounted the saddle.

Your upsurge has come true because of your unparalleled decisive leadership ethos as you have reached out to build a profounding followership. And like a good father, the followership as years past by, it has grown to become adults who inadvertently metastasis to leaders in their varying units which should undoubtedly harbor a battery of followership.   

It would be suicidal to say the least, that you were not a regional lord but I make to say that, at this level which your rung had towered onto, which is the national level, it is not the way you think.

Sir, it will be proper for you to acknowledge that things are no longer the same.   

And, three years after, she had been on the throne, the party is not finding it easy. Things are no longer the same even if there may seem to begin to fall apart in the party, APC. 

Asking what led to the crisis is a none issue because it is already dead and buried. 

However, despite the resolution, we think, it is worthy to set the record straight by issuing out an open letter to you. 

First and foremost, you have been very fortunate that, with what Lagos is, both politically and commercially to Nigeria, you have made a great fortune from it. 

This, all Nigerians are aware of. In other words, Lagos has been good to you as a person, with so many privileges at your beck and call. We are not here to write that you haven’t appreciated Lagos and Lagosians. But to put things aright.  

Sir, we wish to inform you that, at the national, there are many gives and takes. This is not similar to the regional which you held sway.  

If I am not mistaken, there are several takes which have benefited and coming from your opinionated. The major one is the Vice President position. They may be several which you are still bestowed and endowed too. It will be suicidal that, nationally, Nigerians should take you for one that has the gene of a ‘winners take all’. 

The Eight National Assembly which is the present has come with many huddles before and during its inauguration. After it was, the pains have not gone with the style of legislation looking grey while the government appearing infirm. The Seat of the Senate President and that of the Speaker of the House of Representatives endured a biting tussle. 

This has come with the concept of political imposition. Like you have always done with no one made to advise. 

Your influence in other States’ matters besides how you have bestowed the entire west, may sound good to you, but the truth is, it is a bitter decision. A case in study is your influence on the recent Ondo and Kogi governorship elections. This lead to several bruises.

I wish to state that, at the regional, like other States, Governors are wont to do, it was selective breeding. This is not so at the national, which like I will put it, Progressive breeding. While selective breeding means a style of politics that deals with imposition of decisions, progressive breeding is one that is objection of decisions. And the as such, while selective may thrive in regions or state levels, progressive is simple that which is national and probably the best even in states level. This is because politics of the imposition has done more harm than good in the national polity.

It is also true that the party as a pivot for politicking, at State level, is under the care of State Governors, as proscribed by the past administrations. And as ‘test tube babies,’ Governors are wont to become ‘Lord of the Manor’ in State party affairs.

At the national, it is expected that the leadership of the party with acknowledging from the Ota guru political ideologues, should be under the President Buhari.

However, being a man of his words, the party is not entombed by the panegyrics of the former President Obasanjo. This has given a free rein of decisions and advises from every member no matter how big or small he or she is. 

This is a welcome development which is exemplary as against the former ruling party’s. 

It is on this note that, the leadership was beginning to be questionable, despite the germane and broaden mindedness as express by the National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun. 

In other words, the traits of party supremacy and politics of imposition from your axiom are very glaring with both the Mr. President and the National Chairman, knowing their limits there by throwing caution to everyone concerned.

The issue of tenure elongation of the present leadership, which have graciously being laid to rest, has only risen, with the spirited notion from your wing on hold grip of the party affairs.

It is no news that your contributions to the party are unquantified, but it will be dreaded that with others who gave their widow’s mite, are not given a fair playing ground.

I will make illustrations to buttress the negatives produced from your long lens of ‘dictatorial’ power play. 

At the time you and other top-notch were deeply bonded to ouster the former ruling party. It was an interesting time, with you, having a larger following from almost all the Governors. 

However, it will be noted that things are no longer the way there should be after the elections were won. 

At present, I doubt if you still retain these pastiche of political laurates except for your Governor, the Lagos State, Akinwumi Ambode. This has come true, because, there have observed one thing that stokes the fury and naughtiness in Tom and Jerry.     

Which though thrived in the west, the national will not be initiated.

A key presence of the fall of your followership is already telling in the few leaders that you have molded, as they are paling into insignificantly. 

One of who is your adorable (at a particular time), the hijab Governor, Engr. Rauf Aregbesola, the Governor of Osun State. With his risen profile falling down to phoenix ash, his candidature of him gunning for a Senate Seat in his State is in doubt.  This is regretting.

I also wish to say, one of your, political chip off the odd block, whose performance as Governor of Lagos State, was unparalleled and nationally admired, immediately after his leaving office, you were already having a miscarried perception about his political future. Fact is if you will run amok with Minister Babatunde Fashola, who else will you not ostracise? Akinwumi Ambode should think twice.

Sir, I state that you are being selective but not progressive like you often harp. And this is very unhealthy for our nascent democracy, which is already shrimp- wrapped with the blanket of ethno-religious crises.

The advisers you harbor today, are not doing you any good, rather, there are aiding to blackmail your towering political profile. If there think what you are doing is right and there are making suggestions, it’s regretting. If at all there have given their words and you choose to ignore, too bad. 

A leader of your caliber whose political college has run across all global divides with evidence of you making contributions in other countries’ democracy should avoid politics of imposition.

Leadership, like one, is made to know, comes with sacrifice, sired by compassion, which sires value, then love next is affection. Like a zygote growing into an adult, all these come in one piece which breeds several balls of developed adults. And so, leadership is like a tree while its branches are like followers. 

Put it succinctly, a leader must know its bound or limits, no matter how powerful he deems seems to be, it must tread with caution.

There are many interests in the national but little or none at the regional. This should be his watchword, that, other interests like his must be respected and given recognition and avoid the epithet of ‘If not me who,’ etched on his political gates.