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Nigerian Govt Built Only 8000 MW Of Electricity Between 1859 And 2000 – Ex-NERC Chairman

Dr. Sam Amadi, former chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) said the Nigerian government-built capacity for less than 8,000 MW, between the date of the first power plant built in Ijora Lagos in 1896 and the beginning of the power sector reforms in 2000.

According to Amadi, four thermal plants and four hydropower stations were built in 104 years.

In an interview with Guardian NG, Dr. Amadi said the government allowed the power sector to be controlled by the vagaries of public spending.


Amadi said before the reform, the bulk of financing for development and maintenance of the national grid came through the national budget.

Consequently, insufficient funds were made for capacity growth, maintenance, and system planning. He said the capacity of the national grid should have been expanded before the sector was privatized.