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Chibok Girls: You Are Failures, Bakare Tells Buhari, Jonathan

The General Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare,  has described former President Goodluck Jonathan and President Muhammadu Buhari as failures over their inability to prioritise the security and welfare of Nigerians. 

He  gave his verdict on the Nigerian leaders while delivering the 2nd Annual Chibok Girls Lecture in Abuja on Saturday.

 Bakare said that the nation has failed to live up to the expectations in terms of security   and welfare of the abducted school girls.

"That is the purpose of government as enshrined in the constitution . That the welfare and security of the citizens, wether is Jonathan government or Buhari government . Any government that does not prioritise the security and welfare of  its people is already a failed government to start with." 

 He expressed hope and confidence that the Chibok girls who are still in captivity will be returned alive.

He commended the military for their selfless service, particularly those who have paid the supreme price while fighting to bring the girls back. 

Bakare also commended the BringBackOurGirls Movement for being at the forefront of the fierce battle to keep the issue of the Chibok girls on the front bunner of national discourse and policy.

" And we all must respect the few mothers and parents of those girls that are here . I salute the courageous faith,  unwavering optimism , the enduring motherly spirit you have demonstrated . Two years ago i met few of you at the Unity Fountain on the second anniversary of abduction of our daughters . On that occasion l declared upon on those of cynics and sceptics who suggested to us that the abducted girls would never return . We have not lost hope and we will never lose hope," the clergyman stated. 

He urged Nigerian government to do everything possible and necessary to ensure safe return of Leah Sharibu who is still being held by the terrorists. 

" Leah Sharibu has become the symbol of validity of the Nigerian constitution section 38 of which guarantees religious freedom, therefore her safe return is synonymous with constitution stability and sanctity of Nigeria state . The Nigerian government must do all that is necessary to bring her back alive, " Bakare stated .  

Bakare pointed out that the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF),in its recent report  stated that Nigeria has the highest incidence of female genital mutilation in the world. 
Purportedly to achieve such aims as sexual deterrence, this practice is a violent act against women and girls resulting in diseases such asurinary tract infection, reproductive tract infection, vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) and rectovaginal fistula (RVF).

He therefore recommended the following as actionable solution for dispensation of justice to the girl child. This includes ;  Leadership constitutional, structural and  institutional factors.

According to him  " A new leadership philosophy with a deliberate strategy for female inclusion is essential.  Therefore we must be deliberate in the processes by which leaders emerge in the private as well as public sectors.  There is need to institute a " Family Council " comprising family experts and non- governmental organisations, including children and youth organisations as well as progressive cultural institutions.

The Chairperson of the event , Hajiya Najaa'tu  Bala Mohammed noted that the military also helped the terrorists to thrive, therefore turning the northeast to a cash cow . "I remember Jonathan was spending N2 billion everyday on security but there was no security and hundreds and thousands of people were slaughtered.

She explained that terrorism has become a multi billion dollar industry, adding that it is no longer national, but international.

"There have been committee after committee set up by the government and they have failed to bring these peolle to book. Infact this kind  of current military leadership in Nigeria are extension of that one and this government has failed to even acknowledge the report of those investigations." 

Mohammed noted that reports on the investigation of military atrocities in the course of fighting insurgency have been  submitted to Buhari led government particularly that involving the Air Force . She alleged  that a report on abuses  involving the Army have been swept under the carpet.

She accused the political elites of doing nothing, but cashing in on the poverty  and ill education of the majority of Nigerians to feed fat.

The Chairperson noted that the masses have allowed themselves to be used through religion and ethnicity to divert attention and make themselves slaves.[slideshow]59222[/slideshow]