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Demand Improved Standard Of Living, Not Minimum Wage, Katsina Governor Advises Labor

The Governor of Katsina state, Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari on Tuesday advised Nigerian workers to demand for an improved standard of living from the government instead of calling for a new minimum wage.‎

The Governor made this call while speaking at the workers' day celebration in Katsina, the state's capital.

 Masari further advised Nigeria Labor Congress to face the fundamental issue, which, according to him, is the provision of basic necessities towards good living condition for all.


Pointing out that an increase in minimum wage with no improvement in standard of living will make no impact, the governor said said : “The issue before the NLC is not only about minimum wage, what makes minimum wage really meaningful are minimal and for you to do that successfully is to engage government to provide the basic necessities of lives available to every Nigerians.

“You must look at the fundamental issues that makes salary meaningful which is minimum standard of living that will make an average man live in peace. Talk about education, water supply, access roads, health, shelter and security. No development without peace because the moment salary is increased, everything will be increased.

“So until we get the basic necessities of life, I don’t see us progressing.”