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Nigerians Speak On Buhari's Performance At Press Conference With Trump

President Buhari visit to United States of America on the invitation of U.S President Donald Trump ha been generating a lot of reaction from Nigerians on social media.
Buhari met with Trump at the White House on Monday and both leaders discuss the U.S – Nigeria relationship, trade barriers, security amongst others.
After the meeting at the oval of office, both Presidents came out for a press conference.
Commenting on the meeting, the Nigerian President on his twitter account said @MBuhari said, ” I had a very productive meeting with President Trump today at the White House. Key issues discussed: Security, Anti-Corruption, Trade, Human Rights, Humanitarian.”

But Nigerians have also taken to their various social media accounts to give their impressions of their President to the U.S, especially the comments made by Buhari in reaction to questions from journalists at the joint press conference.
Aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan on his twitter handle @renoomokri described the Buhari’s claim that herdsmen in Nigeria do not carry arms saying, “Is this the man you want to reelect? Thank God Trump told Buhari that the US wont accept the killings of Nigerian Christians by radical Muslim groups and herdsmen. Buhari is certainly doing nothing to stop that!”
A twitter user @adeyanjudeji said, “When you listen to Trump, you will understand why America is a super developed nation. And when you listen to Buhari, you will know why Nigeria is so under-developed. Buhari is a curse.”
Another user @MrStanleyNwabia said,” The fact that most people consider Buahri not “disgracing” Nigeria at the White House today as a major achievement is an unfortunate tragedy.
Facebook user were also not left out, Oba Koseleri on Facebook said “#Scumbag How many African countries are blaming Libya for killings in their countries the way this man(Buhari) has been doing lately. I know that the way Trump was looking at him, he never believed the trash he was saying.

Another user, Esona Onuoha said “ Trump schooled Buhari on the “art of the deal” and even admitted he would have sold him US agro products if he could have found a way. Text book sales techniques were used on Buhari. Sales man versus soldier. Cash for military equipment and not even oil. This cash that is causing a storm for Buhari in the senate that even Trump couldn’t dream of taking from the US without congressional approval. The US should ask Buhari if due process was followed in taking that cash out of the Nigerian economy otherwise it should be treated as looted until it clears legislative processes.”

Another user on twitter @eadewunmi said, “Took me like 30mins to do this hypothetical briefing. I can’t believe there is anyone praising Buhari’s performance in the meeting with Trump. A total disaster. The bar doesn’t exist anymore. Sigh!

However, the wife of the President on her twitter and instagram commended her husband saying “Dear President, You deserve some #accolades.”