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Don't Say Nigeria Cannot Break Up, Prof. Akintoye Warns

A University Don and author, Prof. Banji Akintoye, has cautioned Nigerians against the notion that the country cannot break up.

Prof Akintoye warned that the country might break up into different entities, except concrete steps were taken to restructure the nation.


He spoke at the 10th anniversary symposium of the late Senator Abraham Adesanya, which held in Lagos on Wednesday.

Akintoye, a former lecturer of History at Obafemi Awolowo University said that only way the country can return to the period when the citizens were more united and the country was wealthier was to go back to the federal system of 1950 and 1965.

Banji, the author of “A History of the Yoruba People” said, “If Nigeria does not take steps to urgently restructure itself and return to the federal system, the federal system that we saw in the 1950's up till 1965, Nigeria is very likely to break up.”

“Don’t say your country cannot break up, any country can break up.”

Also speaking at the event, Major General Zamani Lekwot, (retd) also noted that those saying “Nigeria will not break up” are only deceiving themselves because one day the country will collapse.

According to Lekwot, the country must be rearranged “otherwise the structure will one day collapse on us and future generation and God will not forgive us.”

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Nigeria Is On The Verge Of Break-Up, Claims Prof. Banji Akintoye