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Group Champions Recall Of Kwara South Senator From National Assembly

Some residents of Kwara South Senatorial District have begun collection of signatures for the recall of their representative in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Rafiu Ibrahim.

Kwara South Unity Forum, the group championing the recall effort said it has it has already written to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and collection of signatures that will lead to sack of Senator Ibrahim from the red chamber has commenced.

The Secretary, Kwara South Unity Forum, Ahmed Kola Akorede, at a press conference in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, denied reports that the group is working with the governor of the state to victimize Senator Rafiu with the recall attempt.


He insisted that the group is determined to end the Senator’s stay in the Senate because he is ‘non-performing and completely docile.’

The group secretary blasted one Bisi Oyewo and one Alhaji Jimoh Ibrahim for working with the embattled senator to frustrate the recall process.

“Certain unscrupulous political leaders masquerading as Kwara South Senatorial Political Leaders, Kwara South Town Elders and Youth Organization members came out to show the world that senator Rafiu Ibrahim has wide support within its constituency,” the group noted while reiterating that it would not be distracted by supporters of Senator Ibrahim.

Akorede maintained that they are not mere attention seekers, or looking for money.

He affirmed that members of the group are out to exercise their constitutional power to recall any political representatives who have failed to meet the expectation of the people that voted for him.

Members of the group took turn in pending their signatures while announcing that all residents of Kwara South should all come out in mass to sign the recall sheet at the press conference.

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Rafiu Ibrahim Recall Process Commences

The group initiated the recall process of Ibrahim after the Senator was seen kneeling before the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who also hails from Kwara State in a photograph.