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Senate Wants Better Educated Drivers On Nigerian Roads


The Senate had mandated its committee on transportation to liaise with necessary government establishments and other stakeholders responsible for road safety in Nigeria ensure that drivers plying roads in any capacity across the country must be able to read, write and communicate effectively in the English language in addition to their driving qualifications.

The Senate gave the directive in response to a motion raised by Senator, Kurfi Umaru on the high rate of illiteracy among drivers on Nigerian roads.  

The Senator representing Katsina Central Constituency harped on the need to address the low level of literacy amongst drivers in Nigeria at Senate plenary on Tuesday.

Speaking on the motion, Senate President, Bukola Saraki said the relevant road safety and vehicle inspection officers must do the right thing and shun corruption, especially in granting of permission to drive.  

“Licenses must be obtained by going through the normal test that is required. What we are seeing now is corruption and not following due process. The effect of that is people are losing lives. People must see that they have a responsibility in ensuring that people go through the right process is very important because lives are lost when we have drivers that are not capable or do not have the necessary qualifications.

"The challenge is to those responsible for this and our Committee on Transport should provide their oversight and ensure that Road Safety and Vehicle inspection offices carry out the necessary work," Saraki said.

The Senate also argued for the establishment of driving schools that will provide short-term courses for every prospective driver in every state of the country.

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