Despite relentless campaigns for the rights of the girl child — on the back of the ever-rising spate of girl child sexual abuse —  it was a shock on Friday to see a Facebook user by the name Aniekpeno Akpan post a step-by-step guide to raping female minors.

Posting in a Facebook forum ‘YabaLeftOnline Ward!’, Akpan wrote, unedited:

"I will just look at all these 8years old girls and imagine the kind of slay girls the will be in future…

"How to molest an 8-10 yrs old girl…

"Get closer to the parent

"Get their trust

"Always buy her sweet

"Always play with their hairs when the parent are away…

Buy her sweets and lollipops

"Play porn to her

"Finger her pussy with your index finger at the start…

"Use your ring finger when you get her for about 3-4days

"Use your thumb as time goes on

"Lastly insert your cassava

"It’s a goal oooooooooooh

"Thank me when you return from jail


In a second bizarre post, he wrote, unedited:

"Guys it is in stock

"No need to make her weak or unconscious before you f**k her

"Flibanserin is a drugs can makes woman sexually arose by 98 degree urging for sex

"All you need to do is, add it to her food or drink (put in wrong drink and kill somebody pikin)

"Within 10-15mins, she’s already on your body romancing you carelessly… Even pastor wife no fit resist the urge…

"No be juju! Thank me later."

Akpan's post were re-broadcast by popular Facebook user Olu Bunmi, leading to a series of reactions calling for his arrest and prosecution.

“He should be looked for, arrested and jailed for life,” said Soye Opuiyo, a user of the platform.

Omotoyosi Olamiotan Ojudu-Ojo asked: Can't his arrest be planned? This is a rapist on the loose. It's not enough to just report him on Facebook. He needs to be taught a lesson on the dangers of posting such and even conceiving the idea. Haba!!!!!!”

SaharaReporters could not immediately verify the true identity of the man behind the posts.

On Facebook, two accounts bear the name Aniekpeno Akpan — one a “Television presenter at Cross river broadcasting coporation.(CRBC)” and the other an “abortion and birth control unit head at Ibom Specialist Hospital, Uyo, AKS”.

While the former account was opened in January 2013 and has 254 followers and unseen number of friends, the second —  the one with which the shocking posts were made — was opened in May 2018 and has 38 friends.

Although the first account did not make the post, it contains a few raunchy photos, including one of a naked male doll shared on January 19, 2018.

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