Presidential aspirant Omoyele Sowore on Monday told traders at Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos, that he would establish a technological bank that will see to the funding of technological innovations when he becomes President. 

During a meeting with the traders of the technology hub in Ikeja, Sowore said that in less than five years, the world would no longer be dependent on oil, as technological innovation like solar are taking over the scope of affairs.

He lamented that while there are development banks that invest in agriculture and other sectors, technicians do not easily get access to funds. He noted that if there was a technology bank, creators would be inspired to develop technological products that will promote technological advancement.

Urging traders at the market to take advantage of the growing technology of the world, he said: "Very soon, the cost of oil is not going to last any more. I give you five years, not many people will be driving a car with petrol any more. It will be driven by solar panel cell, by electricity; some will just be driven by things that are just software.”

The human rights activist, whose online news platform Sahara Reporters has disrupted Nigerian media, advised the traders to take a cue from Teslar, an American organization that deals in electrical vehicles.

He expressed so much belief in the potential of Computer Village and said he looked forward to a future where Nigerians would boast of made-in-Nigeria mobile phones and computers. He reiterated that “anybody who is not thinking futuristically now will end up in oblivion in a matter of years”.

He acknowledged that technicians in Computer Village are very smart and intelligent, but their input in the growth of the economy is not recognized by the government.

He promised that when he becomes President, he would change the face of computer village and also ensure that university students are incorporated into the tech hub to learn from the very best in the computer sector.

Speaking further Sowore said although he was in support of indigenes of Niger Delta controlling their resources, he does not “want a situation where you control your resources and you create an Ibori; you control your resources and you produce an Alamieyeseigha. These are just criminals."

After the meeting, Sowore, alongside the Chairman of Computer & Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), Ojikutu Ahmed, and some executives of the aasociation took a tour of Computer village, the largest ICT hub in West Africa. 

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