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Birds of Passage By Niyi Osundare

August 8, 2018

At the head of this pack was a ruthless rogue

Who once stole the Senate crown in the dead of night


        (Part 1)


Here, once again,

Our Prostitutes in Power (PIP)


The shameless dogs have scuttled

    Back to their vomit

Our Very Right Honorables are back

     In the folds of those they once betrayed


Just last season

     They broke bond and boundary

Swore new oaths, pledged their fickle faiths

     Before a new Headman and his crop of new cohorts


Intoxicated by new intrigues

     Fired up by insatiable appetites:

The nation, to them, was a fallen elephant

     And they came with an arsenal of knives


At the head of this pack was a ruthless rogue

     Who once stole the Senate crown in the dead of night

He found useful Vice in a serial Second Fiddler -

     The Prince and his Puppet, both perpetually perverse


But the union went sour, the scheme awry

     Their share of the flesh disappointed their knives

They fumed, they fretted; then, their tails between their legs,

     They scuttled back to their erstwhile base companions  


Mindless, rapacious, incurably self-absorbed:

     Unfortunate the land ruled by this band of rogues

But unhappier the people so silently

     Sentenced to crumbs from their degenerate tables



          Part 2


This, once again,

    Is their season of migration

Corpulent Birds of Prey who bury the people’s fate

    In the pit of their putrid stomachs


Umbrella in the morning

     Broom at noon

Hammer and Sickle at night

     All these and more the following day



Strangers to Honour

     Perverters of Principle

Venal vagabonds who dangle sacred Loyalty    

    Before the highest or lowest bidder


Their mouths are graveyards

     For assassinated Truth;

Their dreams nightmares

     For a mad, misbegotten country


Caucuses at night

Caucurses during the day:

Nigeria’s Prefects of Perfidy

Are leagued against our commonweal


Our Very Right Honourables are back again,

     Shameless dogs to their wormy vomit

Rigging, rampaging, and romping all the way

     While the people watch in damnable silence


Niyi  Osundare