A group, the Patriotic Youths in Nigeria (PYN), has berated those seeking "political gain" from the recent attack on soldiers in Metele, Borno State, statng that "this is downright shameful to say the least".

The group urged the soldiers not to be deterred but instead, re-double their efforts aimed at ending activities of the Boko Haram sect.

At an event in Ondo on Thursday, Blessing Atawodi, National President of the PYN, stated that the Metele attack was "saddening and regrettable".

Atawodi also encouraged Nigerians to rally support for the Nigerian Army and other security agencies coordinating the anti-terrorism units in the bid to end insurgency.

His words: “The recent attack on the military in Metele, Borno State is highly regrettable; many officers and Nigerian soldiers lost their lives as admitted by the army. It was indeed a very sad event.

“We, the Patriotic Youths in Nigeria (PYN), find it really appalling that in the midst of this calamity, some mischievous and unscrupulous persons have sought to make some political gain from it. This is downright shameful to say the least.

“War is always unpredictable and we all can agree that anyone can start a war, but nobody can ever tell how it will go or when it will end. As sophisticated as the United States of America is, the US Army suffered the hugest recorded casualty — in men and machinery — in Afghanistan, nine years after the anti-terror campaign started i.e. in 2010, when they lost as much as 499 soldiers.

"Note that the number is just one less than 500 US Army soldiers lost while fighting in the same locale after nine years! Similarly, they lost 418 soldiers in the following year 2011.

“Why did we have to bring out all this statistics? We did this to show to all who may be genuinely concerned, that a setback in a war does not mean a defeat. Whilst it is not our desire that such occurrence should happen again, it is important we put things in proper perspective.

“At this critical time, the army needs our support more than ever before. This should not be a time for partisan politics.

"The desire of the terrorist group Boko Haram is to divide us further by any means and when we begin to help share their propaganda video, we are ignorantly and maybe maliciously propagating their evil narratives."

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