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Former US President George Bush Is Dead

He died on Friday night at the age of 94.


George H.W. Bush, former President of the United States, is dead.

He died on Friday night at the age of 94.

He went from sitting vice-president to becoming President of the US, a position he held between 1988 and 1992.

He was the 41st president of the US. His son, George W. Bush also followed in his footsteps and was elected US President in 2000.

A statement by US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, published on Saturday, mourned the loss, stating that "President Bush inspired generations of his fellow Americans to public service".

"With sound judgment, common sense and unflappable leadership, President Bush guided our nation, and the world, to a peaceful and victorious conclusion of the Cold War. As President, he set the stage for the decades of prosperity that have followed. And through all that he accomplished, he remained humble, following the quiet call to service that gave him a clear sense of direction," the statement read.