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My Cocaine By Remi Oyeyemi

December 25, 2018

My beloved Cocaine; Defence, none do I have; Her onslaught against; Overpowered, I am.


Addicted, I am

To my darling Cocaine

Helpless I am

When it comes to her.


My beloved Cocaine

Defence, none do I have

Her onslaught against

Overpowered, I am.


"Just say no,"

So they all advise

But unable, I have been

To say 'No' or resist.


Thoughts of her

Merely melts me

Watery, I become

Like a soluble salt.


Sight of her

Her beauty, glowing 

Innocuously, gleaning

Decapitating, more it is.


Her mere presence

Awesomeness, I feel

Kneecapped, I seem

Powerless, I am.


My darling Cocaine

A touch of her

Paradise, it sends

Seventh heaven, I find.


My sweet Cocaine

A touch by her

My marrow, it suffuses

My blood, it heats.


Dependent, I am

Devoted, I am

Obsessed, I am

Hooked, I am.


You, I have to have

For without you

Worthless, this life is

My sweet Cocaine.


From your bondage

Freedom, I want not

Liberty means nothing

Curse, liberation is.


The ecstasy of your yoke

The comfort of your captivity

Without, I cannot do

My darling Cocaine.


Please, on my knees I plead

Have you, let me

"Snuff" you, let me

My dear Cocaine.


Let go, I can't

Love you, I do

Helplessly, so

Infinitely, so.


My sweet baby

My dearest lover

My precious heart

My beautiful soul

My darling Cocaine.


Who art thou?

Thou, I knoweth

Thyself, thou knoweth

My Cocaine. My darling.


For you this Christmas from your own Remi Oyeyemi. I love you baby. My Cocaine.

©Remi Oyeyemi.