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Sponsored Ad: Study Online At WAIDSUM UNIVERSITY An Affiliate Of Al-Madinah International University

January 28, 2019




An affiliate of Al-Madinah International University


Admission! Admission!! Admission!!! March 2019 Intake

Waidsum Online University (WOU) is international university affiliated to Al-Madinah International University Malaysia and it is operated using online mode.

WOU develop students by providing an environment for;

Personal growth                         Opportunity                                      Knowledge

Exposure                                     Personal Attention                          Career direction.

We therefore invite suitably qualified students of all phases of life to apply for the March 2019 intake by visiting our website

Our list of programs for B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD are itemized as follows;



The faculty concentrates on teaching and research in economic/business management and its developmental phases of business startup and innovation in the technology industries as well as serves as the focal point of the University’s effort in the general areas of invention. The faculty has the followingdepartments for a start:

Economics & Entrepreneurship
Banking and Finance/Islamic Finance
Accountancy & Financial Management
Business & Human Resources Management
Sales and Marketing
Tourism and Event Management



This faculty conducts teaching, research and publication of Arabic Language Studies and Islamic teachings of Fiqh, Islamic history and Jurisprudence. It also entails the teaching of the Holy Quran, its translation, transliteration and memorization. The faculty consists of the following departments;

Arabic International Relation
Shariah, Fiqh and Fiqh
Quranic Science & Sunnah
Islamic Studies and History



The Faculty/College engages in teaching, research and simulation in the area of information management, Library & Information Management, Computing/Networking, Multimedia Design and graphic Design optimization. It has the following Departments:

Information Technology Software Engineering/Programming
Library and Information Management
Computer Science & Networks
Creative Multimedia Design and Movie Production



The Faculty/College conducts teaching, research and application in the areas of quality handling of human resources with the objective of adding value to humanities through continuous education while developing curriculum that are applicable to the societal educational needs and expectations. The College comprises of four Departments:

Guidance,Counselling and Psychology
Policies, Curriculum and Strategic Management
Education Management
Early Childhood Education Management



The philosophy of the Pre-graduate School is to prepare student for the bachelor degree program. This is a 3 semester intensive program. Students with four or five credits passes in WAEC, NECO, Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge Edexcel, are eligible for the foundation program. The Pre-Graduate School comprises of the following programs

Foundation in Arts and Education
Foundation in Business and Management
Foundation in Science



The philosophy of the Postgraduate School is consistent with that of WOU, namely: to contribute to human resource development in Nigeria, Africa and the world through teaching, research, innovation and publication. The WOU PG School offers opportunities for postgraduate studies in Arabic Language and Islamic studies, ICT, Management Sciences and Education.


·To produce competent, knowledgeable and high skilled graduates.
·To develop strong and highly educated citizens of the world.
·To develop humanity capable of analytical, critical thinking and problem solving.


·To build future generations capable of analytical and critical thinking.
·To produce quality graduates at a competitive level.
·To have a curriculum based on successful strategies for people of diverse backgrounds & learning needs.
·To develop a vibrant center for educational and social programs utilizing an innovative and international curriculum.
·To make education accessible and reachable by all.


·Offer programs that are recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence.
·Provide high quality teaching/research taking into account the needs of individual student.
·Adopt uniform guidelines for monitoring quality in the delivery of programs.
·Conform to accrediting standards of partner universities and other quality agencies wherever applicable.
·Provide state of the art educational infrastructure to support the university in achieving its goals.
·Collaborate with the industry to ensure programs offered are relevant and current.


                          HOW TO APPLY

Visit, and visit admission
Under admission, go to download.
Under download, go to general form
Then, download the admission application form


Download the form, fill it and email it:
Attach the all documents with the help of admission checklist form.

[email protected], [email protected]


Benefits   of   Online   Education

  • Cheaper.
  • Convenient.
  • Time Saving.
  • Reduction of accident, Cultism & Social vices.
  • Beingtaught by expert all across the world.
  • Availability of e-book & e-library.
  • Exposure to technology.
  • Focus on Industrial need & entrepreneurship.
  •  Efficient and Effective.
  • Protection of the female gender


Who Should Apply

1. Civil servant e.g.  Soldiers, police, teachers, doctors, lawyers, Lecturers etc.

2. Professional e.g. teachers, nurses, lawyers, banker, doctors, engineers.

3. Traders e.g. Market people

4. Entrepreneur: Business founders, CEO, Managers, Directors, shareholders, investors etc.

5. Handicap: The physically challenged people

6. Parents: Mom and dad

7. Young Boys and Girls (Secondary School Leavers.

8. Entertainers such musicians, comedians, actors    & Actresses.


Admission Requirement

Canadian & Australia Grade 12
Cambridge  A‘Level Result
American SAT
Cambridge IGCSE for foundation
International Bauclaurate
Malaysian SPM and STPM
Any other International Grade 12 Equivalent.


Study Requirement

Wi-Fi (internet of 10 MBPS Speed)


Video Links

Social Media


Z/O: Lot 2765B Tingkat 1, Jalan Changkat Permata, Taman Permata, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

HQ: Plot Q18, Close 47, Off Road 4, Victoria Garden City, Lekki Pennisular, Lagos, Nigeria.

Website: : Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Tel: +601139051091, +2348066295062.