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2019 Election Aftermath: The Presidential Sowore, Anti-Poor Buhari And The Thieving Atiku

March 18, 2019

We have always known that elections in the past years have always been decided at collation centres than were determined by electorates at the polling centres.

As I put my pen to paper or, in this case, my fingers on the keyboard, I can't help but dedicate this piece to the memory of our beloved Prof. Pius Adesanmi. The world and Africa today may be sophisticated with a vast number of professors, many of whom find it very difficult to actually profess anything worthy of true intellectualism. But in all of this and in all ways, Pius Adesanmi stands out.

Like George Orwell once posited, in times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Orwell probably had Pius in mind when making that statement. Pius was a radical intellectual whose writings, speeches and actions were strictly dedicated to  the defense of the Nigerian people whose dignity and humanity has been subjected to perpetual rape by the unconscionable ruling class. In a country and continent where most professors are mostly praise singers, and  bootlickers of this dubious ruling elite, Pius Adesanmi chose to be on the side of the oppressed; he spoke truth to power without let or hindrances. His body may have been killed by systemic greed and irresponsibility of business interest as we have it in Boeing, But the ideas and ideals he stood for remain in the hearts of many. They are unquenchable.

Do not be surprised that this piece spent the first paragraph paying tribute to Prof. Adesanmi. This is because everything you would be reading here are many ways synonymous to  his everyday intervention in our national life. In one of his social media engagements, he reacted via Twitter to Ben Bruce on 1st of March, pointed to the "Common Sense Sinnator" the disparity between the wealthy — constituted largely by our ruling class — and  the poor, a class dominated by the ruled. The fact that the rich keep luxuriating in affluence while poor are languishing is mind-boggling. He helped emphasize the urgent need to get rid of this thieving class if we must free the most populous black nation from the clutches of poverty. What Pius was doing was simply to prepare us for the struggle ahead beyond the sham of an election that we witnessed nationwide recently.

But for some few supplementary polls, it may be safe to assume that elections have come and gone. To say the elections were ridden with unbelievable anomalies is an understatement. We have always known that elections in the past years have always been decided at collation centres and not the true reflection of the wishesof the electorate. But what happened in the just concluded elections is no doubt the greatest electoral robbery and by far the biggest sham of an election in our country's history. Amidst the madness of rigging, vote buying and voters' intimidation, Buhari returned to Aso Rock. He wasn't returned by the people, definitely not.  But through electoral absurdities and sundry malfeasance engineered by the ruling party Buhari returned himself to power. Compared to what we saw in 2015, the announcement of another four year term for APC's Buhari threw the country into a mournful mood.

Ours, however, is not to lament but to understand. Just few days after his re-emergence, Buhari said the next four years would be tough. Omo this guy no get chill at all. Person dey inside fire dey burn, u still con sey u wan add petrol so the bone wey remain go turn ashes sharp sharp. There is no doubt that this administration will viciousy attack the living conditions of the Nigerian people. Already, Boko Haram and the killer herdsmen have resumed killings in the north. The next four years would not only be marred by bloodletting, it would also be characterised by attacks of workers' wages, education and general attacks on living standard. Already, statistics have shown that over 125million Nigerians are living below poverty lines. And this figure is bound to get worse in the coming years. The signs are widely circulated around us for those who care to observe. The NNPC's notification of vacancy had over 26million applicants within the space of 24hours. The same happened to access bank just some few weeks ago. The bank's portal just had to crash under the influence of over 24million applications in less than 24hours. 

To be clear, Atiku's PDP wouldn't have been any different. While Buhari's APC was coming to create an army of poor and hopeless people, Atiku was preparing to create paradise for thieves. Like Buhari, Atiku is like the biblical devil with the sole aim to Steal, Kill and  destroy. Buhari's last four years was stealing massively through "Cashivorous Animals", killing through hunger/poverty, bad roads, inadequate hospitals, general lack of infrastructures and Bokoharam/killer herdsmen. He intends to finally destroy us through attacks on our general standard of living. Atiku on the other hand has said he doesn't need the animals to assist in the robbery. He said it openly at Channels TV that he was going to use our resources to enrich his friends. He was practically coming to institutionalize corruption. His intention to sell off NNPC would definitely kill the economy of the common man and his plans to enrich his friends with public properties would completely destroy the livelihood of the already impoverished Nigerian population. Like I always like to maintain, PDP killed Nigeria in its last 16 years of maladministration, APC spent it's first four years burying the country under the dirt of gross incompetence and ineptitude,  it's next four years would be dedicated to the funeral service of our dear nation. But what we must do as oppressed citizens and victims of this economic injustice is to "disrupt" the final burial of the Nigerian nation and awaken the dead bones symbolized by our economy that was ferociously murdered by the 16 years of the PDP. And this is where our very own OMOYELE SOWORE  comes in. The 2019 elections have unconsciously produced two Presidents; The President of a lifeless nation and the President of the rising, hungry , angry and poor Nigerian masses. This President must provide and lead the way to the liberation of the impoverished Nigerian people. This President that was rigged out by the system but accepted by the conscience of the oppressed must stand up now and lead us all unto the path of freedom and economic justice.