Iyabo Toluhi, an elder sister of late Pius Adesanmi, has said the family is yet to get over the shock Pius' death has brought to the family.

Adesanmi was among the 157 persons that died when a Boeing 737 Max 8 flight crashed in Ethiopia on March 10, 2019.

In an interview with The Punch newspaper, Toluhi disclosed that the family is still in great shock.

She said: "Bola’s death is still like a dream to the family. The family has not recovered from the shock. It was unexpected but we believe that God gives and takes life. When the video of the crash was sent to us, I couldn’t watch it and my mind is still unsettled.

"A friend came from Abuja with some of his funeral service booklets; although I collected them, I still can’t read them. I kept them. Probably some day, I may be able to read the tributes when I have fully recovered.

"I would not say that I wasn’t aware that people mourned and celebrated my brother in Lagos, Akure, Abuja, Canada and even in his community in Isanlu (Kogi State)."

Pius' sister stated that the family is being consoled by the numerous memorials done to honour him, giving them the conviction that he lived a good life.

"We thank God for his life. He was greater in life than we expected. His death was tragic but the life he lived has lifted our spirits and you know he was not the only person in that aircraft and he wasn’t the only Nigerian. But even up until last week, people were still talking about him.

"They kept pouring encomiums on him. We are encouraged by that and that tells us that he lived a good life. He lived a productive life. Although he died young, we are consoled by that."

Adesanmi was a Canadian based Professor as well as a Director at the Institute of African Studies at Carleton University before his death.

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