As the dust raised by the 2019 election settles, the Civic media Lab, a MacArthur-funded centre for mediatal and media innovation around accountability, transparency and good governance, has started a series of convening by stakeholders in the electoral process. 

This convening, which has representation from the civil society, media and political parties, discusses data sets from the lab's elections data project to uncover the truth behind the numbers.

The 'Election Debrief' is a programme designed to capture all the issues around the elections as experienced by the various stakeholders in the process. 

According to Oluwaseun Akinfolarin, Director of the Civic Media Lab, the Election Debrief would make Nigerians know issues that affected the election process from the perspectives of key stakeholders.

Key stakeholders, including candidates, journalists, campaign executives, and CSOs will be interviewed as special guests in a two-hour programme as they share their experiences during the electioneering process.

"It is important that we document the experiences of the people who had the closest encounter with the electoral systems and its flaws," Akinfolarin said. "The programme will help Nigerians understand the issues around the 2019 elections and allow expert opinions on ways to fix the broken elections administration in Nigeria.” 

He stated that the programme will hold every week of the month of April 2019.

“Election Debrief will come up every week with different guests throughout the month of April 2019," he confirmed. “Every episode will be available to watch and download online and across our social media platforms.”

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