One doctor has been suspended, while others are awaiting verdict on their various cases, as the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) continues its investigation into unethical conducts during the course of carrying out their duties.

According to the Punch newspaper, the body is determined to rid the profession of bad eggs with 100 doctors lined up to face a tribunal set up by MDCN.

At a recently concluded trial, Jamilu Muhammad of Martha Bamaiyi General Hospital, Zuru, Kebbi State, was suspended for six months.

He was reported to have mismanaged a pregnant woman’s case and severed the lower limb of a baby, while carrying out a surgery that was deemed unnecessary.

He diagnosed that the baby was dead while in the mother’s womb and ordered an operation to bring out the baby.

After severing the lower limb of the baby while bringing out the baby, it was discovered that the baby was alive.

Also, Nasiru Ibrahim of Al-Noor Clinic and Maternity, Angwon Rogo, Jos, was suspended for six months over two charges preferred against him for professional negligence.

Akanni Kazeem, counsel for one of the doctors awaiting trial, stated that the panel delivers judgment based on accusation and evidence before it.

He added that the penalty ranges from three months to life suspension.

He said: “The penalty depends on the evidence before the tribunal. We have to note that this is not a criminal trial. Even when death is involved, the tribunal will look at the negligence of the doctor on trial. There are some doctors whose guilt would lead to their names being struck off the profession.

“There is three months suspension and six months suspension. The next penalty, which is the biggest, is being suspended for life. Such doctor will be removed from the register. However, I have always argued that there should be other punishment after the three and six months apart from total removal from the register.”

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