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Buhari Is Overwhelmed By Security Challenges Of The Country Says Ruggedman

“Security is in shambles in Nigeria right now as there are some states you cannot travel to by road.”

Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, popularly known as Ruggedman, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari is overwhelmed by the security challenges the country is currently facing.

The rap star said this while speaking in an interview with SaharaTV. 

Ruggedman urged the President to always appoint the right persons to positions of authority if the country is to make progress.

He said, “I feel the president is a bit overwhelmed and he needs to put the right people in the positions for the job.

“We also need people to hold other government officials, from the local government chairman, governors, senators accountable.

“Security is in shambles in Nigeria right now as there are some states you cannot travel to by road.”

Ruggedman also bemoaned the extra-judicial activities of the Police and inability of Police chiefs to hold officers accountable for their actions.

“Obviously, there is a whole lot of work that needs to be done about security. It seems to be getting out of hand, it was Boko Haram, herdsmen and now it is policemen or some group of policemen.

“Security is a big issue right now that needs to be tackled seriously as it is getting out of hands

“Now, a whole lot of people are falling victims to rogue policemen. The police who are to enforce the law actually break them, some of them, he explained.

The rap star called on the government to check the extortion of Nigerians by personnel of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Special Anti-Kidnapping Squad and Special Anti-Cultism Squad of the Police.

He lamented that the matter has taken a worse turn while adding that killings by police are daily increasing.

“SARS are off the street, most of the report we get now are done by anti-cultism or anti-kidnapping.

“The sad part of it is that the crime rate is being done by rogue policemen, that’s the sad and the frightening part. I don’t know what’s causing it because they all seem to be out for money,” Ruggedman said.

He also stated that Police officers see Nigerians as cash cows and only arrest for extortion sake

“They don’t arrest people for committing offences, they arrest people because they will accept bail. The only thing that is allowing this to happen is because there is no accountability.”

Ruggedman, who has lately been outspoken against cybercrime and internet fraudsters urged Nigerian youths to dissuade from the act.

“There is really no justification for youths to go into cybercrimes.

“Yes, the government is not doing what they are supposed to do for the citizens, there is no job, health is in mess, a lot of things are in a mess in this country. All I see is that anyone going into cybercrime is just adding another mess to the whole group of mess. What is wrong is wrong.”

He challenged Nigerians to stop complaining and begin to act to put an end to actions by the government that are not in favour of the people.

“What Nigerians need to do is to stand up because just speaking and complaining is making the whole thing get worse.

“A lot of all these bad people in position in Nigeria have seen that all you (Nigerians) are are internet gangsters, noisemakers and activists. It starts and ends on the internet.”