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I Lived As A Slave, Was Violated By My Former Manager, Otunba Wale Akinboboye, Ara Calls Out Ex-Manager

“Those seven years of my life I can’t get them back even if I was to go to court.

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World first talking drummer, Aralola Olumuyiwa Apake popularly known as Ara, in an interview with Sahara TV recounted her seven years of slavery and torture in the hands of her former manager Otunba Wale Akinboboye.

Ara who is known for playing the Yoruba drum called “Gan Gan” said that she wished she listened to her parent before signing her contract with the said management company of Otunba Wale. 

“I feel and I know that if I had a Don Jazzy in my life when my career as Ara started I wouldn’t be where I am today my career would have grown bigger. I was abused, I was violated I was robbed and I am trying to be nice with my words and I am trying not to cry because it is actually very emotional for me.

“Those seven years of my life I can’t get them back even if I was to go to court and sue him it can’t get those years I labored for the Ara brand I can’t get them back. Mine was a really bitter story I smiled through the tears through the abuse every form of abuse you can imagine I went through it in the hands of my former manager. His name is Otunba Wale Akinboboye. He took advantage in every way, my dad God bless his soul was my first manager. I didn't go into entertainment out of hunger it was out of passion.” She said