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The Battle For The Souls Of Takeitback And The African Action Congress

May 31, 2019

Dear Comrades, over the past two weeks, we have seen the compromised Expelled former National Secretary, Leonard Nzenwa (a political opportunist who claims to have shuttled between the Jonathan Goodluck and the Muhammadu Buhari Campaigns, and who is now running errands for the PDP/Wike Campaigns of calumny in Rivers State, like the well-compensated Political Jobber he is) assemble a number of strange bedfellows who have NEVER been registered or dues-paying members of the TiB or AAC PRETENDING to have constituted a National Executive Committee of the African Action Congress, held a meeting and passed a resolution to suspend our Convener and Principal (Omoyele Sowore) and other Officers of the Party.

The intellectual charlatan, imbued with the kind of incurable and pervasive political mercantilism he could not successfully sell to the Leadership of the AAC, is now a political bed-fellow in cahoots with Operatives of the PDP, having been adequately “encouraged” through the looted commonwealth of the People of the Rivers State people. The avaricious and chameleon-like puppet is creating the destabilization and manipulating a few of our people in his insidious effort to actualize the destruction of our Movement and Party in slavish servitude to the corrupt political Overlords in Nigeria.


To highlight and contextualise the destructive tendencies and pernicious treachery of Leonard Nzenwa and his enablers within and outside the AAC Party, it is instructive to take cognizance of the fact that, in service to his new PDP Paymasters, the first substantive action performed by Leonard Nzenwa after his pretentious “Takeover” of our Party was to replace the Legal Representative of the AAC Governorship Candidate in Rivers State (Engineer Awara Biokpomabo Festus) in his legal tussle at the Elections Tribunal against Governor Wike of the PDP. The Legal Representative Leonard Nzenwa is attempting to impose on our Candidate is one who is known publicly to be sympathetic to our Candidate’s opponent. If anyone should wonder if Leonard Nzenwa has any noble intentions for the welfare of AAC, TiB or any of our authentic members and stakeholders, they ought to wonder no more. But there is more.

Leonard Nzenwa does not control ANY organ of our Party or Movement. He is a laughing stock within both of them. He has neither the clout, the respect, the gravitas, the appeal, the instrumentalities nor the support of the general membership, the Leadership or the Stakeholders. What Nzenwa is doing is enticing a clique of saboteurs with promises of financial recompense, and where he is rebuffed, he goes and hire street urchins (completely unconnected and unfamiliar with our Party or Movement) to join him to create the illusion of “Support” and “Control”. Leonard Nzenwa has neither support nor control.

For an example, Leonard Nzenwa recently contacted one of our former Officials (Fred Achife, who had voluntarily resigned his position as the Coordinator and Chairman of our FCT Abuja Chapter, begging him to accompany him to the offices of the INEC and present himself as a member of the fake NEC he is constituting. He was rebuffed.

Leonard Nzenwa is currently searching frantically for “evidence” he could use to demonstrate his relevance or, worse, continue to use to blackmail our Members and to coerce them into his unholy alliance. He has been seen and heard begging for pictures and other visuals of our Principal’s campaign events across Nigeria. He is floundering. 
A person who claims to control a Party and Movement doesn’t even have access to the Party’s/Movement’s archives and documents, is unskilled enough in the ways of modern technologies to simply google for such publicly available materials, and is (instead) resorting to begging, blackmailing and threatening people to help him with such mundane tasks. Do you now understand why Leonard Nzenwa couldn’t fit into the “Take it Back” family, why he became an outcast and why his original nefarious plans to commercialize our Movement and monetize our people, name, and goodwill for graft on behalf of his Puppet Masters?

Having been vigorously challenged by our members and other stakeholders of AAC and having been contradicted on the strength of our Constitutional provisions, with an unambiguous letter from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) stating that the Kangaroo “NEC” and suspension exercise we null, void and ludicrous, the Saboteur-in-Chief and Establishment Lackey in the person of Leonard Nzenwa is now scrambling to devise other means of effecting the nefarious tasks for which he is being paid by his Political Masters in the corridors of power in Nigeria.

Dear Members, We are aware that Leonard Nzenwa is currently attempting to entice some of our loyal members and a few Officers of the Party to join him again in an attempt to strong-arm and induce some INEC officials into assisting him in remedying the defects in the forged documents and false statements he submitted and made to INEC and, subsequently, to the Courts in his efforts to achieve a hostile takeover of our Party and its apparatuses.
We are aware and we are closely monitoring these unholy and dastardly activities and we are preparing the necessary and commensurate responses to defeat Leonard Nzenwa’s nefarious, illegal and traitorous activities.
There is no gainsaying the fact that the emergence of TiB and AAC on (and our incursion into) the hitherto predictable and “Settled” political landscape in Nigeria was disruptive, disorienting and alarming to the Establishment Political Class of Nigeria. Never in the history of Nigeria had a formidable, grassroots-powered, Movement-driven, consciousness-jarring political organization driven by average, powerless and unconnected Nigerians sprouted up organically and exploded in numbers and influence so rapidly and so strongly.
You (Able TakeitBackers) created so much apprehensive mistransmissions and debilitating panic within the Political Establishment that the fabled “Masters of the Game” had to scramble helter-skelter to conjure the right formula and instrumentalities to contain you and the rapidly-growing political inferno you ignited. That you didn’t come to the field using the old, analog and ineffectual playbook of the Ruling Class made matters more difficult for them, rendering all their machinations fruitless and ineffective. They never believed that we were viable enough to make it to the point of actually registering such a vibrant, powerful and thriving political party, much less present candidates for the various elections.

When all the arrows directed at us failed to pierce our armors, the Ruling Class had no option but to resort to hoping that we will go away and that our energies will dissipate after the elections. We need not dwell on the fact that, in their panic, they couldn’t even muster the energy to conduct anything resembling a credible election. They had to resort to perverted votes allocations after they took a look at our strength in numbers and concluded that the risks of mass repudiation of their ineptitude would be manifested at the polls. So, they cooked the numbers, “Integrity” be damned.

But we didn’t go away.
• They threatened, intimidated, frustrated, blackmailed and attempted to otherwise induce our Convener and Principal. We Didn’t go away.
• They made strenuous efforts, performed gymnastics, branded us vagabonds, and invented fanciful names and trickery to steamroll and stampede us into unholy alliances and pacts (one of their most trusted Standard Operating Procedures), hoping that we will be so conceited as to be willing to obtain powers at any cost. We rebuffed them. And we refused to get along or go away.
• They derided our credible, sound and visionary programs and policies, even as they stole and shamelessly incorporated them into theirs. We didn’t go away.
• They sent their well-paid “Intellectuals” as mouthpieces to attack our manifestoes, even as they release amateurish and awfully-plagiarized, cut-and-pasted pieces of garbage as manifestoes (imagine APC promising to provide for the “Security of the United States of America”?). We didn’t go away.

• The enlisted the services of the lamestream media, denied us interviews and press exposure, up to and including preventing us from participating in Debates after we fulfilled all the criteria for inclusion? We didn’t go away.
• They took a look at the massive influx of Diaspora Nigerians into Nigeria to partake in the elections and register their disapproval of the ineptitude and misgovernance, and they hastily suspended the elections (which had been in the planning for many months) a few in the middle of the eve of the elections in an effort to prevent participation. We didn’t go away.
• They selected (through threats, blackmails, violence, inducement, and outright brigandage) their “Winners” and proceeded to pervert the course of justice by interfering with the Judiciary and hand-picking and imposing their Electoral Petition Referees to foreclosure a recourse to legal challenges. But we didn’t go away.
They failed. We got stronger. We didn’t go away. We regrouped and remained resolute, incorruptible and unbowed. They got spooked. They didn’t understand what kept us going, and they still don’t know what keeps us going.

And, now, as they gasped for their last breaths and flounder in exasperation, they are bringing out the last viable political treachery tools in their arsenals – the tiny and insignificant willing collaborators and saboteurs they have been able to peel away from the ranks of out millions of members, followers, adherents and well-wishers.
Among these few induced and compromised disgruntled plants of the Establishment in our ranks is the person of the EXPELLED Former National Secretary of our Party (one Leonard “Ugo” Ezenwa, aka Nzenwa, aka Uzenwa), a “Boy Genius” who claims to have achieved the enviable feat of graduating High School in Nigeria at the tender of 12 years and who brandishes an “Honorary Doctorate Degree” from Global University of Theology (USA) – an online Long-Distance-Learning entity – for a Program not offered by the referenced University.

We wish to let our members, supporters, stakeholders, well-wishers, and Nigerians everywhere know that Leonard Nzenwa and his agents of sabotage are NOT perpetrating these fraudulent plans on their own. No. These are well-funded and well-coordinated plans orchestrated by the Establishment Parties and Ruling Class that we have been combatting and confronting all this time.

They wished that we would go away. We did not go again. Nor did we stay quiet. Now, the Empire is fighting back. We wish to reassure everyone that the TiB Movement and the AAC Party are not going anywhere. We will not be silenced and we will not be hijacked. This is a battle that we have been prepared for from inception. This is a backlash that we have guarded against very well, not just in the formulation of our Constitution, but also in the strategic choice of our Leaders and the delegation and assignment of their duties, obligations, and responsibilities.

Leonard Nzenwa did not have a hand in the formation of our Party. Leonard Nzenwa was (and still is) not a “Co-Founder” of either TiB or AAC by any stretch of the imagination. Any claim to the contrary is pure fiction and not supported by the evidentiary body of materials in existence. Leonard Nzenwa did not have the power or the authority to hijack our Party, and it is now crystal clear to him that he is unable to amass the strength to deliver our Party to the Pay Masters he has indebted himself to in his quest to deliver AAC to the highest bidder.

Leonard Nzenwa is running to INEC again in a last-ditch, last-gasp, death-throes dance to effect his malodorous plans. We are on top of all his machinations, and we are several steps ahead of him as we work assiduously and methodically to defend that which rightly belongs to our members – Your Movement and Your Party. We ask you to please continue to support and believe in us, be patient with us, and stand with us.

We are not going away. We are here to stay. Because we have a Country to Reclaim, Revive, and Rebuild.

Long Live the African Action Congress. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

TakeitBack! Action!! NoGoingBack!!