The Malaysian chapter of Nigeria in Diaspora Organization has strongly condemned the alleged killing, extortion, and harassment of Nigerians schooling and living in Malaysia by the police.

The group says recent news of the raid and molestation of Nigerians in Malaysia by the police was unacceptable and gradually becoming the norm in the country.

In a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday and signed by its President, Kingsley Nwankwo, the group also criticized the Nigerian High Commission in the country for failing to act on behalf of its citizens and not living up to its responsibilities.

The group’s complaints are coming on the heels of recent reports of illegal detention of Nigerians abroad. Following the release of a Nigerian student, Zainab Habibu, who was detained in Saudi on suspicion of drug trafficking, many Nigerians had criticized the Federal Government for being selective in its efforts to address such cases and not doing enough to address incessant human rights abuses of Nigerians abroad.

Nwankwo said the Nigerian High Commission in Malaysia had promised to intervene in the case of one Nigerian, identified as Alowonle Oluwajuwon Gilbert, held for murder at the Sepang Court Selangor, Malaysia.

Alowonle Oluwajuwon Gilbert He said to his surprise, the Nigeria High Commission didn't intervene in Gilbert’s case while noting that no attorney was around to stand for Gilbert which means that his fate lies at the mercy of the judge.

According to him, many Nigerian students are in various detention centers after being arrested for offenses they know nothing about.

“As we speak, the young man (Gilbert) is on a crossroad of death sentence or life imprisonment, we have so many of similar and pending cases in Malaysia,” Nwankwo stated.

The statement partly read,  “The way Malaysian police officers are killing, extorting, assaulting, intimidating and harassing Nigerians every day is surprising, shocking and unbelievable; it makes a mockery of us as the giant of Africa.

“It is quite unfortunate and worrisome that the consular staff of the Nigeria High Commission in Malaysia, who are supposed to protect and defend Nigerians, had recently connived with the Malaysians to unlawfully detain Gilbert, who was alleged of killing a Malaysian nurse named Siti Kharina between 12.41am on May 9 and 2.30pm on May 15 at a unit at Third Avenue Condominium, Cyberjaya.”

The group, therefore, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to address the issue in time and intervene in Gilbert’s case.

The group added, “We hereby emphatically kick against the action in its entirety and call on the Federal Government and President Muhamadu Buhari to caution the High Commissioner and the staff of the Nigeria High Commission.

“This very act by the Malaysia government and police is one to0 many; it is gradually demonstrating its penchant for impunity, racism, disregard for the rule of law and professionalism.

“We hereby appeal to  President Muhammadu Buhari, well-meaning Nigerians, groups and individuals to save our soul and reject this human rights abuse in order to save Nigerians living and schooling in Malaysia.”

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