An independent tribunal sitting in London has concluded that the Chinese government has continued to harvest the organs of prisoners despite a promise made in2014 to stop the act. 

The panel which was instituted by the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (Etac), gave a unanimous verdict that there is no sign China has stopped organ harvesting. Investigators who worked on gathering evidence observed that it takes an astonishingly fast rate of two weeks to get a new organ in the Asian superpower.

“The conclusion shows that very many people have died indescribably hideous deaths for no reason, that more may suffer in similar ways and that all of us live on a planet where extreme wickedness may be found in the power of those, for the time being, running a country with one of the oldest civilizations known to modern man,” Geoffrey Nice Queens Council (QC), Chair Prosecutor said in a unanimous interpretation.

“There is no evidence of the practice having been stopped and the tribunal is satisfied that it is continuing.” 

Investigators discovered that the Falun Gong Movement- a religious group which came under persecution in 1999, are the main victims of the ‘hideous indescribable deaths'.

In Africa, there is a lucrative organ market that has doctors, security officials, and brokers as stakeholders. 

Weak law enforcement, poverty, conflict, porous borders and large demand in developed climes have kept the ‘red market’ well oiled. 

The World Health Organisation estimates the value of the trade to be about $1 billion. 

In the meantime, China has dismissed the claims made by the tribunal as politically-motivated and untrue.

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