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A Severed Male Head Sells For N170,000, Female N160,000 In Nigeria - Says 22-year-old Who Beheaded 4 Kids

- Police arrest him while attempting to behead a fifth victim


A young man, 22-year-old Mustapha Aliyu, has been arrested by the police in Abuja for allegedly beheading four children.  

Among the four children beheaded, Aliyu said one was a female while the other three were males.

According to the police, the suspect beheaded the kids at various points on the outskirts of Nigeria's Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. 

While being interrogated by the police, Aliyu confessed that he was paid N170,000 for each male's head he brought and got N160,000 for the female head.

He added that he was about to get to behead the fifth child when he was caught by the police.

However, the Commissioner of Police in charge of the FCT, CP Bala Ciroma said: “On 19 May 2019 at about 1430hrs following a distress call police operatives arrested one Mustapha Aliyu ‘M’ 22 Years in possession of a freshly severed head of a three-year-old boy who was later identified as Usman Awalu of Rugan Fulani, close to Leleyi village in Kwali Area Council.

“The suspect confessed that prior to his arrest, he had beheaded four children and gave their heads to his master who is now at large.

“According to him, he is paid N170,000 for every male victim and N160,000 for every female victim.

“He said his victims were taken from Sheda, Kwali, Kilankwa, Gwako and Leleyi villages.”

Ciroma disclosed that Aliyu’s boss, Mallam Yahaya will be arrested as the police have launched a search for him.

On how he got involved in the crime, Aliyu said: “I approached Mallam Yahaya because I was stranded and I needed N7,000 for my education.

“After complaining to him, he offered me a plate of rice and malt drink. After consuming the meal, I could no longer speak. I could not even respond to what the Mallam Yahaya said.

“I walked back to my area with a substance he gave to me. He told me that if I touch any child with it, he will not make a sound. While I was walking, I saw a boy and I did as the Mallam instructed. I touched the boy and he didn’t make any sound. I later beheaded him and got N170,000 as payment for the job.

“I have so far beheaded four children, I was on a mission  to behead the fifth child when police arrested me.”




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