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Nigerian Government Seizes N200 Million-worth ‘Fake’ Roofing Sheets In Uyo

“There are a lot of consequences using the roofing sheets because anyone buying it will not have value for his money."



The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) says it has seized substandard aluminum sheets worth over N200 million from various aluminum companies in Uyo.

The Director, Inspectorate and Compliance Directorate, Mr. Obiora Manafa, disclosed to journalists on Friday in Uyo.

Manafa stated: “We are here to evacuate substandard roofing sheets found here. We have aluminum roofing sheets and galvanized roofing sheets.

“The minimum thickness of aluminum roofing sheets is 0.4 millilitres.

“There are a lot of consequences using the roofing sheets because anyone buying it will not have value for his money.

“Once you buy it, any little wind will blow your roof off. These are the reasons we are trying to discourage some Nigerians from importing substandard products.

“People go out there, import these products knowing full well that Nigerian standard is 0.4 millilitre yet they bring it in,” he said.

Manafa reiterated that the aim was to discourage the importation of substandard products into the country and to save the hard-earned resources of Nigerians.

He said that the ongoing exercise would be carried out in every part of the country and warned the perpetrators to desist from the practice.

He explained that the minimum standard required of an aluminum sheet was 0.4mm instead of 0.25mm, which some companies use for the production of roofing sheets.

The director also urged the Federal Government to return SON to the ports to check the influx of substandard products because some of the products come into the country without SON’s Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP) certificate.

Manafa advised would-be buyers to either go with qualified engineers to buy the product or go with the required measuring instrument to verify the standard length and width of the sheet they intended to buy.

He urged would-be buyers to consult any of the state offices of SON for guidance.