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Nigerian Technician Beheaded, Mutilated Body Parts Thrown On Street

The incident happened in Choba, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area on Thursday night.



A lifeless body with head and genitals severed has been found in Rivers State.

The mutilated body was said to belong to a generator repairer.

The incident happened in Choba, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area on Thursday night.

The gruesome death of the generator repairer was said to have forced the residents and business owners in the area to stay indoors.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an eyewitness said the victim lived and repaired generator in the area for many years and was well-known to residents.

He said the victim was simply known as 'mechanic'.

The eyewitness added that mechanic was attacked and beheaded in his house while he was with his girlfriend.

Speaking further, he said, “The mechanic was attacked inside his house very late in the night. The hoodlums shot and killed him. They cut off his head and genitals before throwing (genitals) on the street.

"The criminals also shot at the man's girlfriend, but she luckily survived. I think some people called the police; it was when the police came that they rescued the girl and took her to the hospital.

“The police also took the man's body and the severed head and genitals away with them.

Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, the state Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the incident.

He added that apart from the generator repairer, another man who was standing beside his Toyota Sienna car was killed.

Omoni said, 'I can confirm the incident; the man that was killed by the gunmen was from Ogoja. Apart from that, the gunmen also shot a man standing beside his Toyota Sienna car.

"The man bled to death. The wife of the man (generator repairer) was injured and was rushed to the hospital where she is receiving treatment. All together two persons were killed and one person was injured by the gunmen."

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