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Re: OSINBAJO: Serial Liar, Buhari’s Brain, Propagandist, Interpreter of Buhari’s Maladies By Muhammad Gulani

July 4, 2019

When the Vice President said that Nigeria was experiencing kidnapping, engineered in some cases by politicians, and even in other cases by people who orchestrated their own kidnap, he did not lie.



To think of the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as a liar and propagandist is to do a grave injustice to the truth itself, and to vex the millions of Nigerians that have benefited through the many ways his office has helped elevate people from poverty and unemployment. Not to mention, those blessed by his mentor ship, inspiration and leadership.

This Professor and Pastor is easily Nigeria’s most active Vice President since the inception of the 4th Republic in 1999. He has chaired so well the National Economic Council: leading the team whose efforts took us out of a recession, brought upon the country from many years of mismanagement. 

The Social Investment Programmes, under his watch has touched the lives of over 12 million Nigerians. No socio-economic Programme in our history has made an impact of this worth. The ordinary women, the everyday Nigerians on the street looking for the next hustle, market men and women trying to make ends meet, needing just a little boost from government and the right atmosphere have found it in this programmes. 

Forgive the digression, now to the bone of the issue.

When the Vice President said that Nigeria was experiencing kidnapping, engineered in some cases by politicians, and even in other cases by people who orchestrated their own kidnap, he did not lie. A Google search would prove that. Instances abound. Only recently the story of a man who faked his kidnap in Nassarawa State was shared on Cable NG. But the Vice President did not stop there, he acknowledged that there were indeed real cases of kidnapping and went further to state that the Buhari administration was ensuring that this sad reality became history. Where did the Vice President lie? [story_link align="left"]71323[/story_link]

While it is true that Nigeria currently has several patches experiencing violence, most of it has been fueled by politics and tribal conflicts. It is also false to assume that the Buhari/Osibanjo administration has not concentrated efforts to address this challenges. Bayo Oluwasanmi might have a serious issue with understanding the difference between a fact and a lie. 

The government has sent in troops and entire police divisions whenever a crisis has arisen. Different operations and exercises have been carried out by the Nigerian Army to flush away bandits, kidnappers, terrorists and armed criminal herders who have committed heinous crimes in the communities around them. Many of them have  been arrested or even killed. A Google search would show these victories for Nigeria over evil doers who want to bring us back.

Beyond boots on the ground, the government has also launched social-economic  programmes aimed at dealing with the crises, especially of the clashes between herders and farmers. Knowing well that it is primarily rooted in disagreements in resource management - land in particular.

The administration has put in place the National Livestock Transformation Plan. It is is one of the most comprehensive plans that aim at ending the several decades long conflict, while looking at the economic benefits of the livestock rearing, and ensuring that there is proper conflict management and justice. A peep at the 8 page summary of the plan shows that the administration means business in ending this crisis.

It’s is overwhelmingly absurd to think of Osibanjo - a man who has spent half of his life in the service of this country - as a liar. All references cited by the author do not hold water and are far from facts. So where is the lie?

Mr Bayo Oluwasanmi upends logic when he writes this long piece of article and at almost every sentence cries that Professor Osinbajo is a liar, but he fails to mention any instance where Osinbajo has lied. He barks like a dog without teeth. A rabid one! 

At every point Osinbajo has reeled out government achievements, whether in defence of his boss or simply stating things as they are, they have been backed by facts. Not lies.  Are the 500,000 N-Power beneficiaries not real people? Can Bayo beat his chest and say that these beneficiaries do not exist? Or the over 2 Million beneficiaries of the Trader Moni? Or the 2nd Niger Bridge, whose construction is evident for everyone to see despite the naysayers saying it wasn’t real? 

The author's misguided interpretations in his article only shows you that he’s either being clever by half or is a pretty seedy personality who’s been urged along by a penny or two. 

- Muhammad Gulani is a Political Scientist and Researcher.