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I Refused To Share Money With People Who Brought Me To Power, That’s My Offence –Governor Obaseki

- Takes a swipe at Adams Oshiomhole



Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, says the crisis rocking the state’s House of Assembly is because of his refusal to spend public funds on some private individuals who claimed they brought him into power.

But the governor pointed out that at least 300,000 Edo citizens voted him into power and if he took care of them everybody would benefit.

Speaking with a Benin delegation in Abuja, Obaseki said: “The only thing they have said is that I refused to share money; I am not taking care of the people who brought me into office.

“I said 300,000 Edo people voted for me to be governor; if I do for the people, everybody will benefit.”

 The governor earlier pointed out that the party’s National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole was not interested in the peace of the state.

“Is it not ironic that in a state where we have one party ruling, and that has all the 24 seats in the House of Assembly, we have this kind of a crisis?

“At the centre, we have our own person who is supposed to superintend (over) this (matter). So, if your children are fighting and you cannot come and settle them, then what authority do you have to even be a father?”

Thereafter, he suggested that Oshiomhole and his cohorts wanted him to be their pawn.

He said, “I will not allow Edo State to be a pawn in anybody’s political chess game. For me, I keep asking the question, what have I done wrong? What is my offence that they want to now get people to come and create confusion in the state?”

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