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Three More Shiites Have Died In Police Custody –Islamic Movement in Nigeria

*Many more may die


Three more Shia Muslims have died in the custody of the Nigeria Police Force, claims the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN).

“Reports reaching the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have confirmed the death of 3 detainees, who were shot and held in Police custody at SARS headquarters, Abuja since Monday. They died on Wednesday because of bullet wounds they sustained during the free Zakzaky protest early in the week,” a statement by the group said on Friday.

The Shia group claimed that more of its members might die in police custody because there are at least 15 people in the detention centre with various degrees of bullet wounds, without medication. 

Among these are women and a minor who was shot in the leg.

The statement added, “All entreaties made by relatives of the detainees for the police authorities to allow them have medication have fallen on deaf ears, an indication that they are waiting for them to slowly die in excruciating pains.[story_link align="left"]71891[/story_link]

“It is unfortunate that when it comes to dealing with the Shiites, the security agencies throw all known laws and conventions to the dogs, and indulge in savagery as exhibited when the police on Wednesday dumped a Muslim brother of the Islamic Movement by the roadside after torturing him and pouring boiling water over him.”

We are calling on the international community and human right activists and organizations to have a look at the inhumanity taking place at the dreaded headquarters of SARS where unarmed citizens are kept in dehumanizing conditions.”

The group also called on the police to release the wounded for medical treatment. 

“We also call on the police to hand over to us the wounded persons so that at least their lives can be saved. The dead bodies of the supporters of the Islamic Movement should be handed to us also, so that their families can give them a befitting Islamic funeral rite. Burying them in mass graves is a war crime which the police should be wary off in the future,” Ibrahim Musa, spokesman for the IMN stated.