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Seven Semesters After, University Of Lagos Student Activist Remains Suspended, Access To Student Portal Blocked

Adeyeye was suspended for four semesters by the disciplinary panel of the institution over his Facebook page exposing the unpleasant academic condition of the school to the public.



The management of the University of Lagos has failed to reinstate Femi Adeyeye, a student union activist, after serving a suspension for seven academic semesters.

Adeyeye was suspended for four semesters by the disciplinary panel of the institution over his Facebook page exposing the unpleasant academic condition of the school to the public.

However, three semesters after the initial four-semester served, Adeyeye has yet to be accepted into the institution, with the school management blocking his access to his student portal

Adeyeye revealed that he had written several letters to the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Director of Academic Affairs and Centre for Information Technology and Systems (C.I.T.S) on the continuous deactivation of his student portal.

Adeyeye, in a statement, detailed the event that led to the revocation of his studentship by the UNILAG management.

He said, “It will be recalled that on April 6,7 and 8 of 2016,  students at the University of Lagos embarked on protests, placing on the table of the management demands as ”basic” as adequate power supply, water for bathing, drinking and cooking for survival. 

“This came after several appeals at the management led by Prof. Rahman Bello (who is now under questioning for misappropriation and gross abuse of office) for better welfarism. The welfare situation was as bad as students buying bags of sachet water to bathe and most females became regular customers at perfumes shops. [story_link align="left"]49139[/story_link]

“Instead of addressing the issue, the Senate brought in armed-to-the-teeth police officers to chase students out of the campus. The violence meted on students by the poorly trained officers left many injured. 

“The campus was eventually shut down and the Students’ Union suspended illegally. It was at the heat of these events, I was invited to a panel and thereafter suspended unjustly for four semesters for writing an article on my Facebook timeline. 

“Till this moment, my student portal remains under lock and key and there has not been any hope towards activating it from those in charge due to reasons unknown to both me and members of the public who have been following the whole sage. The internet has almost all these events of repression and torture documented but I would, in this statement, highlight some in a chronological pattern.”

Adeyeye also lamented the repression of students’ rights and ban of students’ union of a tertiary institution in the country positing that the move was made to gag students against speaking and demanding for their rights from the institution.

He said, “Till this moment, students still live in fear and lack on their campuses- from issues of insecurity to poor welfare. The issues raised remain unattended to by the authorities.  

“What needs to be saved is the Nigerian educational system that has been led by characters who are bereft of ideas on administration, management, conflict resolution and even scholarship. These deficiencies, inadequacies and inabilities have had a lot of effects on the total build-up of young people of my generation. 

“It is also noteworthy that the attacks on freedom of association by the Management cannot be allowed to stand. [story_link align="left"]52324[/story_link]

“The illegal suspension of the Students’ Union must be lifted immediately. Human beings are formed naturally to organize and associate. And it poses a serious security risk when students are not allowed to organize themselves in a Union that would champion their cause and pleas. In the absence of a Union, they take to other means of self-help and lean towards neo-fascism.”