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Nigerian, Jacob Alonge, 52, Sentenced To 21 Years’ Imprisonment For Raping, Impregnating, Procuring Abortion For Daughter

However, tragedy struck on the judgment day. Except Aiyejina, the others lost their lives.


A 52-year-old herbalist, Jacob Alonge, has been sentenced to 21 years’ imprisonment for raping and impregnating his daughter, Gift, at their home in Ososo village in the Akoko-Edo area of Edo State.

Delivering the judgment, Chief Magistrate D. I. Adamaigbo found him guilty on three counts of rape, repeated sexual assault and shaving off the victim’s pubic hair for fetish purpose.

Seventeen-year-old Gift was sexually abused by her father many times until she became pregnant in 2017, the Punch reports.

The herbalist then procured a crude abortion for her before impregnating her a second time in 2018.

Jacob was said to have admitted to the crime and was handed over to the police.

When Gift became 21-week pregnant, she was taken up by a non-governmental organisation, BraveHearts Initiative, which counselled and registered her for antenatal care.

The NGO was thereafter interfacing with the police at the Ososo Division.

In December 2018, Jacob was arraigned before the court.

Jacob pleaded guilty to all the counts and the matter was adjourned until January 16, 2019 for judgment.

However, tragedy struck on the judgment day.

Gift, two employees of the NGO helping her – Ms Rhoda Braimoh and Ms Promise Ezekiel – the victim’s uncle, Mr Ukere Adagbogu; and the head of Ososo vigilante group, Mr Roland Aiyejina, were involved in a fatal auto crash on their way to the court.

Except Aiyejina, the others lost their lives.

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