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‘You Are Devil’s Lieutenant’, Nigerians Blast El-Rufai For Ordering Arrest Of Drivers Protesting Killing Of Colleague

“The drivers?? But you heard what he said, a driver was just gunned down and you are arresting the drivers. What is really the problem with you leaders? that life doesn't matter to you at all.”



Following a protest by drivers in Kaduna State over the killing by a policeman of their colleague who refused to give a bribe, Governor Nasir El-Rufai called for the arrest and prosecution of the drivers, drawing the ire of many Nigerians.

The drivers’ protest caused a total standstill on the Abuja-Kaduna expressway on Friday.

Reacting to the incident in a post on his official Twitter handle, @elrufai, the governor said, "It is most unfortunate. The drivers will all be arrested and prosecuted for this. There are lawful means of expressing grievances. This is unacceptable!” 

However, the call for the protesting drivers' arrest was met with rage as Nigerians knocked El-Rufai.

Some of the responses reminded the governor that Nigerians have the right to protest as guaranteed by the constitution, while others called him 'devil’s lieutenant'.

FOLARIN OPEYEMI JOSEPH FOJ said, “A responsible governor should've seized the opportunity to address the issue that led to the standstill. Unfortunately, you choose to expose your identity to the public. BIG SHAME!!!”

Grace John noted, “Wickedness in you will consume sooner or later. Instead of you to plead with the drivers, Bandits killings kad-abj Road, hellelrufai said he will arrest all the drivers.This is democracy not military regime. God who will save Nigeria citizens from devilish kaduna governor?”

Matthew Jhudhiel Osa-Oghogho stated, “Amazing sir! a man is killed by law enforcement officers,that doesn't draw your immediate condemnation,it is the people who protest this wicked act that should be punished. This is unacceptable Sir...”
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Barbatunday pointed out, “What a biased statement! So, a case of trigger-happy cops was reported that he allegedly shot a driver but your decision is to arrest the drivers for expressing their grievances.

“How would they have got your attention from that axis of the state if they didn't cause traffic.”

Obaro© said, “You tactically omitted the fact that someone was killed. Oh my!! This reply is painful to be honest.”

Ezigbo nwaafọ igbo added, “So a life doesn't matter to you abi? Your concern is to clear road first. You are Devils' lieutenant.”

AYO ADAJO Pro 31:8-9 declared, “This man called @elrufai is inhumane!
How I wish it was your son shot dead by the trigger happy man. I don't know what exactly the driver did, but "there are lawful means of expressing grievances."  May God save us from these unpatriotic leaders.”

Kassandra Ugochukwu said, “The drivers will not only be arrested and prosecuted, all drivers plying Abuja-Kaduna highway would soon be declared as terrorists & proscribed. Those who may be unfortunate to be detained would not be released even after being granted bail by the courts. We already know the script”

Marvix added, “The day rogue policemen or soldiers do you strong thing you will come here with your hashtag telling them to answer Nigerians questions. So the life that was cut short by the police means nothing to you, go ahead and prosecute them, your day will soon come!”

Chief of Port Harcourt said, “Death means nothing to you again, we no. Just arrest all the tankers drivers you are very good at that. Arrest them all.”

DEJI said, “What a comedian Governor. So d life of the driver allegedly killed by police doesn't matter?? Zero leadership.”

Oche Ameh noted, “Protesting for justice is a crime but killing an unarmed citizen by a Corp is something to b silent about right? Dis is d type of government we have.”

Adams Splendor explained, “But your sense of justice does not deem it fit to arrest and prosecute the policemen responsible for the driver's life that was wasted nor for the brazen display of corruption,harassment and intimidation of commuters along that route. What a travesty of justice. Pathetic.”

Tunlapa said, “The drivers??  But you heard what he said, a driver was just gunned down and you are arresting the drivers. What is really the problem with you leaders? that life doesn't matter to you at all.”