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Shock, Outrage As Nigerians React To Viral Video Of Policemen Who Allegedly Murdered Suspected Phone Thieves

The officer who filmed the video could be heard cheering his colleagues as they shot the unarmed men.


Nigerians are reacting to a viral video which revealed the moment operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigerian Police Force shot dead two suspected phone thieves in Lagos.

The video showed two of the suspects handcuffed to each other as an officer approached with a third suspect.

The officer who filmed the video could be heard cheering his colleagues as they shot the unarmed men.

Expressing shock at the incident, @ayemojubar on Twitter said, "While I am not justifying the act of robbery but was surprised that there was no even a trace of human feelings again all because you are now licensed to kill. This is heart-sinking. Life knows how to balance its equations."

@olaoluwajagaban in his tweet wondered why the police me did not allow the law to take its course." I feel so ashamed now, broad daylight, this happened with so much joy in them, one saying oga make I give, he goes collect. I agree they were seen with guns but let it be done until proven guilty. I don't justify them having a gun since they are not officials of the force."

@Domido012, "I can’t even watch this twice; how can SARS execute people on the streets like this; even if they are criminals, why not arrest them and make them face the law. Why have things fallen so apart in our dear country; even to come back to Nigeria is so scary."

@onos_147, "Anyone could have been framed up as armed robber & executed in this manner. This is so wrong! Those Police officers should be fished out by @PoliceNG and prosecuted.#EndSARS have done enough. It’s high time the courtrooms are opened for trials of trigger happy Policemen."

@enobong_VII, tweets, "@PoliceNG_CRU @PoliceNG now you wouldn't call the world to ask army questions. You wouldn't do a press release on this one. People that were handcuffed. What info did they have that they had to be silenced this way? Broad daylight. You guys can't be human beings."

Recounting his experience, @Daybor said, "Last week! I was robbed, the robbers collected everything I had, my phone, money, my bag. I felt really really bad! Yet! Personally, I believe this is nonsense, Nigerian SARS are wicked."

@bash_Yahaya, "I am not justifying the killings but our judiciary are not making it any easy they use these criminals as atm and set them free. A kidnapper was caught the other day and the court granted him bail and now he has escaped into the unknown."

@atsen_ tweets, "Tomorrow they'll be crying that somebody should answer some questions because the same was done to their officers, and they'll wonder why civilians aren't supporting them. Why do we have courts, laws and prosecutors???"

@Chukyjunior, said, "Guy, for you to talk about arresting robbers and sending them to court means you actually might know nothing about the system you live in OR are already on your way out of the country so no worries. You are in a jungle. You do not negotiate with a tiger to survive."

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