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BREAKING: Twitter Freezes Vocal Buhari's Critic Aisha Yesufu, BBOG Co-founder's Account

Twitter did not give any reason for freezing the account.


Twitter has frozen the account of BringBackOurGirls (BBOG) co-founder, Aisha Yesufu, a vocal critic of President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

“Caution: this account is temporarily restricted. You are seeing this warning because there has been some unusual activity from this account," a statement purported to be from the social media giant said.


The activist's last tweet was posted 17 hours ago.

Some of her tweets in the last couple of hours are reproduced below.

@AishaYesufu Even if you have access to power or you have been given some power or whatever gain you get didn't God say we should fight for justice even if against OURSELVES?

@AishaYesufu · 20h You now know that God enjoined us not to criticise leaders. So when you were criticising and making demands on former President Jonathan and calling him killer of your people you did not know God or did not hear what God said? The God i worship said i should fight for justice

@AishaYesufu You praised me when i called Goodluck Ebele Jonathan incompetent, clueless and inept. You insult me for calling Muhammadu Buhari @MBuhari incompetent, clueless and inept. Why? PERSONAL INCLINATION? Are we not facing the same injustice? Is it because you have access to power?

@AishaYesufu That the President is old enough to be my father is not the reason I should not criticise him & make demands. It is about fighting for justice & God has enjoined us to stand firm even against ourselves & our parents to fight injustice! Why are you focused on personal inclination?

@AishaYesufu That the President is today a Muslim like myself is not a reason that i should not criticise and make demands on him. That i voted for the President in 2015 is not a reason i should not criticise the President. IT SHOULD NOT BE ABOUT PERSONAL INCLINATION! ITS ABOUT JUSTICE!

Twitter did not give any reason for freezing the account.