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Ex-Bolt Driver Narrates Encounter With Armed Robbers In Lagos

According to him, he managed to escape with his life through the mercies of God.


A former driver with cab hailing provider, Bolt, has narrated his bitter ordeal at the hands of some armed robbers while working with the company.

Alimi Monsua, who has since joined Uber, another player in that industry, said that after being dispossessed of his valuables, the robbers made an attempt to harm him.

According to him, he managed to escape with his life through the mercies of God.

He said, “On July 12, 2019 at about 5:00am, I received a request from someone at Idi-Oro in Mushin Local Government Area of Lagos and the rider said he was going to Ikeja, which was actually my route.

“On reaching the pickup point at Conoil in Idi-Oro, I had to wait for over 10 minutes before the arrival of two guys which I confirmed to be the ones who requested for a ride.

“They got into the car and one of them sat beside me in the front seat while the other guy sat in the back seat directly behind me.

“Soon, they requested that I should take them to Ajao Estate but I declined and I advised them to take another cab.

“It was at that point the guy sitting behind me ordered me to surrender my phones. I declined and immediately the second guy started dragging the phone from my hand.

“When I yelled out for help, the guy behind me pointed a gun to my head and tried to harm me.

“At that point, I had to let go of my three phones. They collected all the money I had on me, came down from my car and ran away.

“At about 8:00am, I rushed to retrieve my SIM cards, reported the matter to the police at the police and also called Bolt’s Support Service to inform them of the situation.

“They advised me to send a mail and call back later, so I called back after sending the mail and the lady promised to channel my complaint to Bolt authorities.

“However, up until this moment, I have not received any message from the company.

“I still have the IMEI and serial numbers of all the phones that were stolen from me, and I have submitted every necessary document to the police for investigation.”

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