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Sowore Not A Criminal Like Some APC Members -AAC Lagos Chapter

Akpabio, Sylva and many others are clear examples. The party has also looted trillions that has been unraveled in many gates. Under the APC, even snakes and monkeys partake in the looting spree.


The acting Chairman of the African Action Congress, Lagos chapter, Kunle Wizeman Ajayi, says the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and his political party, the All Progressives Congress, are characterized by people with criminal tags.

Ajayi stated in a statement on Thursday.

Read the full statement below.

(Being a press statement of the Lagos AAC)

The wind has been blowing and the pouches of the hens are hourly exposed to us all. The All Progressive Congress (APC) is a party of exemplary criminals!

Kidnapper Wadume has dropped a bombshell showing that he is a political thug of the ruling party as well as its surrogate. This is not amazing as we all know that lying is the Siamese twin of stealing. The APC has been a party that is built on the pithouse of lies as evident in how the party lied to Nigerians about the 'Change Agenda'.

The 'Change Agenda' had three components of ending insecurity, anti-corruption, and rebuilding the economy.

The APC did not take any tangible step to fulfil any of the Agenda. It spent four years to blame the past. Insecurity and state repression have risen to high heavens. Corruption has been legalized as we can see that once you join APC, even if you steal the whole CBN, your sins are forgiven. Akpabio, Sylva and many others are clear examples. The party has also looted trillions that has been unraveled in many gates. Under the APC, even snakes and monkeys partake in the looting spree.

In Lagos here, ex-Governor Ambode and the Tinubu camp has been throwing weighty allegations of billions stolen. The Lagos cabals steal lands and swallow the state purse in billions every month. Local government funds have been turned to ATM under the Governor Sanwo-Olu regime. And Lagos keep going backward and backward in collective development with bad roads and worsening insecurity topping the charts of state trends.

As for rebuilding the economy, the global poverty index has shown that the APC has failed blatantly. Under the APC, Nigeria is now proudly the world headquarters of poverty. This is not about statistics. We all can see that over 100 million people are so poor in this country.

And if the APC keeps denying Wadume despite his pics APC aspirants at the Taraba gubernatorial elections; will Festus Keyamo also deny his relationship with Mr. Jerry Elo Ikogho aka JMan, the number 3 on the
fraudsters blacklisted by the FBI in the United States?

The APC and its criminal syndicates keep putting Nigeria on the bad mappings. We urge Nigerians to rise and take our destinies into our hands. We cannot continue to be led by liars and criminals. The other time, Speaker Gbajabiamila was installed despite being convicted by the US Supreme Court of Georgia in 2007.

Gbajabiamila and Senate President Lawan are dual citizens too.

There will be light at the end of the tunnel. But as we march on, the APC should stop rubbing the insults on our faces and bury its head in shame. A government built on crime by vicious criminal syndicates will only destroy the country the more. We must all say NO to this!

Nigeria can only thrive with a party of well-tested and known individuals who believe in the prosperity of the masses other than the creation of billionaires as ex-president Obasanjo once boasted. The African Action Congress (AAC) is such a party.

This is why we demand that President Muhammad Buhari and the DSS release Omoyele Sowore, our national chair. He is never a criminal like members of the ruling party. He is asking Nigerians to rise and defend their future and be the global capital of welfare and wealth, not the mess that Buhari and APC are putting us all in now.

We will win!

Kunle Wizeman Ajayi,

Acting Chair.