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Hero Or Villain: Social Media Erupts Over Mugabe’s Death, El-Rufai Says Life Ended Tragically

September 6, 2019

Since the announcement of his death earlier today, social media has erupted with claps and slaps on the man who led Zimbabwe for 37 years.


Robert Mugabe, a former President of Zimbabwe, died on Friday in Singapore at the age of 95. 

Mugabe was one of Africa’s freedom fighters but as years went by, his grip on power dwindled his goodwill.

Since the announcement of his death earlier today, social media has erupted with claps and slaps on the man who led Zimbabwe for 37 years.

“How will Africa describe Robert Mugabe? He would be remembered as one who got intoxicated with power and didn't want to leave the seat even when it was obvious that he has no physical and mental ability to continue as president of Zimbabwe,” said one Twitter user.

Another user, @OgbeniDipo said: “On his 93rd birthday, in February 2017, Robert Mugabe indicated that he would run again in presidential elections in 2018.” At 93. He still wanted to hold on to power. And people are still defending him. God please heal Africa and break our mental chains.”

Ayo Sogunro, a popular human rights advocate, implied that the death of Mugabe brought a little more freedom to the world.

“Mugabe is dead. My thoughts go out to the traumatized people of Zimbabwe and to oppressed Africans everywhere. We should never have to wait for someone to die for us to feel a little freer as a continent,” he said.

Mark Lawrenson, who tweets at @MTLawrenson shared a similar sentiment. He described Mugabe’s death as “good radiance”. 

He tweeted: “So the Despot has Passed away...Only he knows the Full extent of his Brutal Regime.....Good Riddance Robert Mugabe.”

While many continue to judge the former Zimbabwean president for his dictatorial rule, others have chosen to celebrate his death.

Julus Sello Malema of South Africa said: “I'm saddened by the passing of our martyr & giant of the African Revolution cde President Robert Mugabe. Let's continue the fight & protect his legacy. We must not allow our enemies to tell us how to remember him; we know our heroes. May his soul rest in revolutionary peace.”

Limmy who tweets at DaftLimmy also expressed how humble Mugabe was when he got the opportunity to meet him.

“Had the pleasure of meeting Robert Mugabe at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny,” he said.

Bob Servant also tweeted: “RIP to my old pal Robert Mugabe. I was lucky enough to meet Robert at a roller disco in Arbroath in 1974. He was wearing a pair of denim shorts that caused a rubbernecking divorcee to banjo herself against a pillar and I’ve kept a keen eye on his career ever since.”

Perhaps, Nasir El-Rufai, Kaduna State governor, summed up the controversy. 

He said: May Robert Mugabe’s soul rest in peace. He started very well, stayed too long and ended tragically. An African hero all the same and a leader that honestly meant well. His life is a lesson for all in public leadership roles - groom successors and leave when the ovation is still loud!”