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I Saw The Miracle Of Allah By Hannatu Musawa

September 21, 2019

But despite the destruction, under the burnt debris, there lay five Holly Quran – intact – as if they had been gently placed under the rubble and protected.



On Saturday September 14, 2019, at approximately 5:52pm, I witnessed the miracle of Allah. There was a fire. It was ferocious and intense. It was unforgiving and determined. It ate up everything in its wake, as its scorching embers made their way through material and matter, melting even metal and desecrating all. Almost everything was lost.

But despite the destruction, under the burnt debris, there lay five Holly Quran – intact – as if they had been gently placed under the rubble and protected. The covers and sides of the pages were charred but the pages where the words of Allah were remained whole and undamaged. The fire completely destroyed everything it came across apart from the five Qurans. And it wasn’t just one Quran that survived the blazing inferno, it was all of the Qurans in the room. As I looked at the scorched remains against the five pure and intact Qurans, I knew that I had just witnessed the miracle of Allah.

While I have had the knowledge that a full version of the Holly Quran cannot burn on its own and even though I had come in contact with a Quran that wouldn’t burn in a fire in my past, this incident where I saw five Quran’s in a fire scorched room intact, proved to me that a full version of the Holly Quran really cannot burn.

The extraordinary miracle of the five Qurans that I experienced reinforced my faith and my love for my Deen. While every religious tradition reports cases of miracles due to supernatural causes, miraculous healings, visions, etc, the type of miracle I experienced with the five Qurans was a life changing one. The experience instantly transformed my view of life; what may be going on in my life or what’s important or what is meaningful.

Seeing the five Quran’s that didn’t burn in the fire gave me a feeling of gratitude, awe and wonder. It made me want to strengthen my faith and Iman as much as possible. It made me count my blessings and forced me to reflect on life and death, on those small blessings and vivid signs that Allah shows me every day. It made me grateful for every good thing, every loss, every gain and every challenge that Allah has introduced to my life. Seeing the five Quran’s that didn’t burn in the fire, made me remember why I love being a Muslim. I love being Muslim for many reasons.

With my experience of the five Qurans, more than most times in my life, I have reflected on how much I enjoy being Muslim, regardless of how complicated third forces make it to be. Being a Muslim is an incredibly exciting experience, as much as it is comforting. Being Muslim means that no matter what, I will always be introduced to new ideas.

The Holly Quran is a vast, poetic explanation of everything pertaining to life. It is a way of living. It explains everything, even the things that I didn’t know that need explaining. It is complete. It’s absolutely beautiful.

In my eyes, the Quran is the Book of Life, joined with the Bible and the Torah. These three books, the ‘authentic’ writings, and not the modified ones, are indeed miraculous to me. I can fully see and appreciate that now more than ever.

As I gaze at the five Qurans which wouldn’t burn, I remember that I can read the Quran hundreds of times, and still discover new things about life as well as myself. As a Muslim, I can appreciate the Quran without scepticism. And I love that.

Looking at the five Qurans, I recall that, as a Muslim, I enjoy being me. I enjoy the confidence I have in my Deen. I enjoy the uniqueness of the words of The Almighty and the many ways my faith comforts me when I am in doubt. I’ve been through many obstacles in my life and being Muslim is the only reason I was able to get through them without losing myself in the process.

I was born as a Muslim. I've been raised as a Muslim. And as I grew up, I have learnt a lot of things that make me proud of being a Muslim. As a Muslim, I have learnt to love all people; whatever their religion is. As a Muslim, I do not judge others. I respect everyone and their right to practice their religion, whether it is Islam or not. There is a verse in the Holly Quran, which says, “you have your religion and I have mine."

Looking at the five Qurans, I know that, as a Muslim, I appreciate everything that The Almighty has created (apart from Wall Geckos). When I look at any creature or thing, I know it is not created by any human in the universe, no matter how smart they are. I know who created them. Another verse in the Holly Quran says, "Allah created everything.”

I have always seen the Holly Quran as a miracle but even more so now as I look on to these five unburned and intact Qurans. Just by reading the Holly Quran, I can easily tell that it is not written by a human being. The Holly Quran is divine.

Some think that it is hard work being a Muslim because of the rules and certain constraints. But it isn’t hard to be a Muslim because just ‘being’ is absolutely wonderful. Islam is a beautiful wonderful experience and way of life and just being one gives a sense of protection, confidence and contentment.

As I watch the five Qurans, I know that being a Muslim brings me peace. It is a peace that comes with the security and contentment that I feel from within. The idea that a superior being is looking after me, wanting the best for me, diverting trials and tribulations just for me. It gives me the realisation of life and its purposes and the ease it delivers in fulfilling these aims.

To me, these five Qurans are proof that being a Muslim means that I share a wonderful history and legacy with a blessed people. I am proud of that history and can look at our Prophets (PBUT) and Islamic heroes (PBUT) for inspiration and motivation.

With these five Qurans, I am aware that Islam keeps me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. It gives me a guarantee of a life of success in this world and in the hereafter, providing I live my life in accordance to the wishes of my creator.

In my mind, these five Qurans are proof that Islam makes my problems go away and makes it easy for me to overlook the injustices of creation because I know that I have a Lord that is just. No matter the challenges one goes through, Allah is always just and gives one the gift of small mercies.

I have always loved being a Muslim, even with the aspects of Islam that I have struggled with because it is a message, a blessing and perfected way of life straight from Almighty Allah. I love being a Muslim because it is the Holy Prophet's (SAW) way.

I watched the five Qurans, intact from that blazing inferno and I realised that the greatest thing that makes me love being a Muslim is The Almighty God. Allah is my Lord and creator. He is the Master of my Universe. I love being a Muslim simply because of God. I am a Muslim because I love God. And I love God because He is the most beautiful, wonderful thing there is.

In Islam, the first part of the Islamic shahada, or testimony of faith, is la ilaha il’Allah, “there is no god but God!” Islam puts the One God front and centre, a simple and commanding being. And I love Islam purely for that.

I look at the five Qurans and I know that it is because of Allah that I am here. It is because of Him that I am what I am now. If He weren't there, I would not be here. Nothing, to me, is more superior to my creator.

In the past several months, I asked Allah for help, to show me the way. The answer. A feeling. A sign. Anything. I prayed for the Almighty God to “grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” And He did… In the form of five unburnt Holly Qurans.

As I gaze at the five Qurans, I thank the Almighty for all my trials and blessings. And I thank Him for being what I am… A proud, strong, accommodating, content, objective and grateful black Muslim woman yearning to know more and do better.

I will be donating the five Qurans to the Central Mosque in Abuja so that other people can see, believe and feel the miracle that I experienced first-hand with my beautiful Qurans.

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