The management of the University of Benin on Monday cancelled a symposium for students titled “Is Nigeria ripe for a revolution?”

The event was organised by students of the Department of International Studies.

An undergraduate of the institution, who confirmed the incident to SaharaReporters, said, “Students were really anticipating the debate because the topic is of national interest these days.

“All of a sudden, the management came and ordered the students to cancel the debate because of the topic, they told students to choose another topic and another day for the event.”

When our correspondent asked one of the organisers if the symposium would still hold in the coming days, he said, “We are making contacts with other members to see how we can still make the debate hold and even bigger by partnering with the Coalition for Revolution.

“Meanwhile, the event may have to hold outside the university campus since the school’s management wants to dictate to students how to breathe before giving them a breathing space.

“Hopefully, our plans will go accordingly and we will not allow the management dictate to us what to discuss and what not to especially when the discourse is a national issue which would shape the country and give us the kind of country young people want.”


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