The Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG), Zone 2, Lagos, Lawal
Shehu, says Nigerian policemen are sometimes induced to collect
bribes, adding that both the bribe giver and taker are guilty of
contravening the law.

Shehu also reiterated that bail was free.

The AIG, who spoke at a training for police officers on human rights
organised by the Crime Victims Foundation of Nigeria (CRIVIFON),
however, stated that there were times police officers might not want
to collect bribe but some desperate persons will still seek to offer

He said: “Collection of bail money is corruption. It is not only the
question of human rights. It is a corrupt practice because that means
the officer is extorting money from some innocent persons. If somebody
is arrested, he or she should be investigated and given whatever
punishment they deserve. If you go to many of our police stations, it
is boldly written.

"But don’t forget, when it comes to corruption, both the giver and
taker are offenders. Sometimes, the police may not want to be corrupt
but they may be induced. That is why policemen also arrest for
attempting to give bribes. It is an offence. But when someone is made
to pay under duress, it is corruption and a report should be lodged
against the officer.”

The founder of CRIVIFON, Gloria Egbuji, noted that there were lots of
abuses like a violation of human rights by police officers.

“By research, we have realized that they are ignorant.

“We have discovered through research that these people are not
knowledgeable about people’s rights so rather than stand by the side
and criticize we felt it was good to educate them. We realized that
some of them have never attended any course since they came out of
police college.”


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