Nigeria-Cameroon border

Nigerians displaced by Boko Haram in Nigeria's North-East have added their voice in support of land border closure.

The victims said the policy had boosted farming activities with more people turning out for this year's dry season farming in the former Boko Haram-occupied territory. 

Chairman of North-East Irrigation Farmers Association, Usman Ibrahim,  said, "It has checked the influx of unwelcome persons and goods into our country.

"Before now it was scary to cultivate the land, especially during dry season for fear of being attacked, as the terrorists have taken advantage of the porous borders.

"Besides, because of the proximity to the republic of Cameroon, our farmers have suffered many losses due to influx of cheap and substandard rice and other commodities into the country."

He explained that the policy created a demand for local rice and other agricultural produce, a direct consequence of which has added value to local farmers.

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