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Mamman Daura Birthday Video: I’m Being Threatened By President Buhari's Family, Says Kperogi

November 17, 2019

*Someone even called for my execution—along with Chidi Odinkalu and Ahmed Salkida



Farooq Kperogi, a Nigerian professor based in the United States,
claims he has received at least a threat from a member of President
Muhammadu Buhari's family, Bello Inua Anka.

Kperogi said he was being threatened for posting on Twitter a birthday
video of Mamman Daura, Buhari's nephew and chief of staff.

In a screenshot of the conversation, Kperogi pointed out that what
happened between him and Anka, the sender threatened to sue the
professor and critic of the Buhari regime if he failed to pull down
the video.

"I promise you won't get away with this. You will hear from my lawyers
as long as the video remains on your wall," the message said.

Kperogi, who was accused of sharing various unfounded pictures and
videos during the 2019 elections, said he merely shared the video that
was already in the public domain.

He said: "I didn’t shoot the video. It isn’t exclusive to me. In fact,
it had already done the social media rounds before I shared it on my
social media handles.

"The video was shot, edited, and shared by a member of the Buhari
family. Why should I edit or take it down?"

Continuing, Kperogi stated, "Anyway, if his threat is limited to suing
me in US courts where I live and work, I’m waiting for him. I’ve
already notified my lawyers here. But there’s something darker and
more sinister in the threat 'I promise you won’t get away with this'.

"I’ve received countless threats from supporters of Buhari’s fascist
monocracy. Someone even called for my execution—along with Chidi
Odinkalu and Ahmed Salkida— on Twitter last week.

"I dismissed it as the inconsequential overzealousness of a faceless
Buhari Media Center (BMC) troll."