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To Their Peaceful Gods Of Mayhem: A Poem By Chido Nwangwu

January 19, 2020

Excerpts from my summer 2020 book titled MLK, Mandela and Achebe: Power, Leadership and Identity.



For how long/

Should I appease those/ 

All-knowing gods of mediocrity? 


For how long/

Should I be that/ 

Sacrificial, monthly burnt offering to their 

Peaceful gods of mayhem?



For how long/

Should I be that/ 

Target of some reptilian, choking, bloody

Dances of death, in my own village by these/

Gentle troops of lethal impunity?


For how long/

Should I be that/ 

Brave one without means and things to

Defend the herd of goat in the homestead/

Protect the frontline stock of 

The courageous, at home and elsewhere? 




For how long/

Should I be that/ 

Overcomer who, continues to fall for the instigation to cast all 

My survivalists’ discretion to their whirlwind,   

Toxtrotting, into their deathly reptilian dances?


For how long/

Should I forget/ 

For their fear of Biafra, 

Targeted persons, we’ve become; all 

Offsprings of Odumegwu, the Lion of Biafra! 


We’ve become; all 

Witness bearers and truth-tellers/ 


In unapologetic agreement with 

‘Ugonabo’ Chinua Achebe who wrote: 

There was a country!

I say, it was not Wakanda; it was Biafra!